Chapter 27: Homosexuality gets the hot ones.

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"Hey."Max said as I bumped into him. I haven't spoken to him since yesterday night.

"Uh, hi. I got your text about the assignment."

"You did? Great. See yeah after school."

"No lunch?"

"Uh, yeah ive got lunch with Danni." Danielle! Over me! Act cool.

"You look a bit dolled up. Is it a date?" I attempted to act relaxed.

"You really think I look okay?"

"You look great handsom. Just let me...." I fixed his hair. He looked into my eyes and suddenly I was paralized. I could feel the tension, the lust, the longing for pleasure.

"Ehem!" Boyfriend, right.

"Trev...hey." I murmured. This is about to get awkward.

"Maximus. Hey!" He said Bro hugging Trevor. Or not.

"Hey T, how's it going."

"Good, catch you guys later." Max said waving.

"Enjoy. She gets crazy." Trevor winked. Bro hugs? Nicknames? What happened to the rivalry? And Max is going on a date! What? He's not allowed to....yes he is. He is. Still don't enjoy it. Especially with Danielle. Yeah well, suck it up self conciense.

"You know your standing there making weird faces."Trevor said holding my waist. Suddenly I felt uncomfertable.

"Yeah s-sorry"

"Is Max going out with Danielle bothering you?" Yes! No. Yea! Hell to the no! I can't even have an opinion with you! Is it weird that it disturbs me inside. Like there's a Ferris wheel in my stomach.  Like a bunch of people smelling a Amusement park bathroom. I felt quesey and confused. And Max and Trevor being friends?

"What? No." I lied.

"Don't think about it." He held me closer. I shuffled away a bit.


"Party with the Incognits tonight. Pick you up after school?" He clapped his hands awkwardly when I didn't reply.

"I can't."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I have to finish stuff with Max."

"Of course. Sorry. I must've taken so much time from your school work. I've been so inconsiderate im so-" I pecked him on the cheek to interrupt him. He was right I'm behind on a ton if assignments. But I can do it!

"I'll text you." I smiled.



"Hey, where are you?" I called Max for the seventh consequtive time.

"I'm at the Schmits...ill be there in a minute."


"Why you going to the Schmits?" A voice said from behind me. Don't blow Trevor's cover!

"Um...Danielle and I have to talk."

"Is Trevor in there?"

"Who's Trevor?" I pretended.

"That little Virgin bitch!" He laughed. I was about to slap this guy right across his stupid face but when I saw him I recognized him. Black hair, tanned skin, built, great smile. Wait, am I on the set of twilight?

"Hey...." I said trying to remember his name.

"Hank." Not Jacob...were good.

"Hank! Yeah, sorry I was so wasted I dont even remember."

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