Chapter 6 Trigger warning

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Natasha POV

I had a shower and got ready I was dreading today It still hadn't hit me that my Bestfriend was dead,Id never see her again I'll never be at her wedding or meet her children. I put on my black dress with laced sleeves and put on black pumps I didn't bother with any make up because I knew Id just wash it off with my tears. I stood at the door and looked at the door I cant do this I said to myself I sat on the stairs and cried and cried this cant be real Im not going to walk out the door and go to my bestfriends funeral "its all a dream wake up nat come on" I said to myself and pinched myself but it didnt work. My doorbell rang I didnt want to answer it I wiped my eyes and managed to open it "I taught you might have found it hard to come today and when I didnt see you at the church I knew I had to come and get you" Jack G said. Ohh wow he looked so attractive In a suit Stop it Nat Stop! "Thank you" I said and we walked towards the church he had his arm around me the whole time "Relax Breathe in and out you can do this"He said I done as he said and walked into the church. The Light flickered through the stained glass windows. The coffin was light brown pictures were placed all around detailing her colourful life, a life well loved a life cut short. Familiar faces filled the room.I noticed Kylies mam she was sitting in the front Tears were rolling down her cheeks but she wasnt making any noise at all.The priest ended the funeral with a simple prayer. I couldn't hold back the tears as the coffin was lowered into the ground.I knew that she lay inside that wooden box beautiful Kylie She was so young! I could still see her in my mind laughing and dancing. I shivered at the chill in the air. My eyes flowed with tears as I thought of how we first met"no I want that doll" "but I got it first" "its mine" we fought over a doll in kindergarten we pulled at either side and eventually the head came off and we both started laughing "well you will have to play with me now"Kylie said "ok as long as we can be bestfriends" I said to her and she pulled me into a hug and said "always no matter what" .I turned my attention back to the grave. It was flattened down, and there were beautiful flowers on it,I sniffed and wiped my eyes as I began walking over to Ann Kylies mother. "Ohhh Nat" she said as she pulled me into a hug we stayed like that crying and talking about Kylie for ages "You and your friends are invited back to the house for a couple of drinks and food If you would like"She said to me. I looked back over to the boys "thank you ill ask the boys thanks Ann you've always been like a second mam to me"I said to her and hugged her goodbye and headed over to the boys"Ann Kylies Mam asked me if we would like to come back to their house for a few drinks and food she lives just outside of LA" I said to them "Actually we have something planned" Carter said. I followed them back to the cars and we were at the beach well our little spot on the beach."so what are doing" I asked "you will see" Cam said. Taylor was setting up fireworks And Aaron was handing everyone out a beer "To Kylie" Carter said and we all raised our beers and Taylor let off the fireworks It was so beautiful I knew she couldn't have asked for a better send off. We sat down for awhile and talked about our Memories with Kylie we were all crying by the end of it I was shivering with the cold "here take this" Jack G said putting his jacket around me and rubbing my shoulders "But arent you going to be cold now?" I asked him "Not if you cuddle into me and keep me warm" He said. A flash went off I taught it was a firework but my phone went off Cam took a picture of us and put it on instagram -Keeping warm #Cuties ☺ @JackGilinsky @NatshaJones- I didnt say anything about it. "Maybe we should head back since its nearly 12 am" Kian said.We decided to walk back since the guys had a couple of beers on them so couldn't drive. "Ok ill see you guys later" I said since they all lived close together and we were outside the O2L house I stared walking back. "And where do you think your running off to?" He said and grabbed me "Home duh" I said "Well your not staying on your own so I either come with you or you stay in mine" He said. I walked back to the guys house with them.We turned the living room into a huge bed. I robbed a Cameron Dallas tracksuit "you have to pay for that missy" he said poking me. "Heres my payment" I said and kissed him on the cheek then went to sleep.

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