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A/N Thank you for tagging me @aabhie and @SolferinoGirl. So, here are the twenty things about me. Have fun getting to know me =P

1. I am a no nonsense person.

2. Person of very few words, which often comes as rude because people don't get it.

3. I am an introvert.

4. I like being to myself.

5. Have a very few friends, but really close ones.

6. Love reading/writing.

7. Earphones are always plugged in, since I listen to a lot of music.

8. I love my guitar.

9. Love traveling, adventure and things which give me adrenalin rush.

10. I just take my gear bicycle and go on long rides.

11. Nature lover, but I find a few insects disgusting and a cat lover though I like other animals.

12. I like colours. I fill everything with colours. I like art work as well, so I decorate walls with graffiti.

13. I like meeting people in person and talking to them than talking to them virtually either via instant messaging or calls.

14. I am a completely different person around my kid brother.

15. People say am matured beyond my age, but I don't agree. I still feel like a teenager though am in my early twenties.

16. I like satvik(bland) food and chocolates a lot. Am a chocoholic and a shopaholic, they get me high any time.

17. A very patient listener and good advisor.

18. A tom boy by nature and into a lot of sports, action movies and stuff like that. 

19. Very short tempered but I don't show it on anyone. I control it a lot and have a lot of patience.

20. I don't like changes, especially when people change I hate it. I hate how just for no reason people start ignoring you all of a sudden.

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