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This book will have a list of jobs the members can do.

There are three different types of jobs.

First up :

The normal jobs:

These are jobs any member can do. The mage doesn't need to be exceptionally strong. The rewards very according to the job. There is no restriction as to who can take these.

S-Class/SS-Class jobs:

These are very dangerous, in which one mistake can lead to a member's death. These are to be done expressly by S-Class members only.

10 year jobs and such:

These too, only S-Class mages can take. They are called 10 year jobs because it has been availiable for that long, and no one has been able to complete that job. These are immensely dangerous, and only exceptionally strong mages are asked to take these.

If you are taking a job, please to comment that you are. If you are going as a team, comment that as well.

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