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Hello readers, so here is the next chapter:-). Enjoy it!

Shailene's POV

I walk to bathroom in my hotel room and take a long, nice and warm shower. I must still think, again and again about this whole evening. Something... magical happened. Like we connected in very special way or something like that.

Finishing with my evening procedure, I jump on my bed, staring up. I hear the usual city noises like car horns and ambulance sirens... Because you are beautiful... Good night, Tris... Be brave, Theo.

I fall asleep very quickly.

Theo's POV

Ruth is lying in bed, covers over her. She's sleeping and it's a... relief. It shouldn't be. But it is. So first task - talking, is postponed to morning.

I change my clothes and lie down next to her. I hear her breath and feel the lavender smell and warmth around her. But I want to smell rosemary and apple and feel different sweet warmth... I move my arm over her side.

Ruth has just one mistake. She isn't Shailene. 

Shailene's POV

My alarm clock is ringing. 7:40, time to get out of bed. I feel like I didn't sleep all the night and it is irritating me.

"Good morning, good morning!" I sing and try to smile. For a second, I'm feeling much better.

I stand up, dress up - black legins and long beige t-shirt - irritated in worse way when I realize that I'm wondering what Theo would like me to wear more than what I want to wear. I'm not bothering myself with make-up normally but today... mascara, eye lines and lip gloss. I think that professional makeup artists on the set can take day off.

Funny thing, when you fall in love with someone... And the best detail is that when you realize this, you're feeling like you can fly over heavens.

Theo's POV

"Excuse me, darling. I was just so tired yesterday... the change of time zone is always pretty hard."

"Yeah, that's okay."

"It was rude from me, right? I have come to visit you when we haven't seen each other for so long and fall sleep. I'm so sorry."

"Don't excuse. I totally understand." With that I shut the bathroom door and lean on them. I was acting like a coward. Totally. Bye, Dauntless.

I close my eyes, breathing deeply. Maybe we can go over our problems and be happy couple again. Maybe. Because honestly, I love Shailene. I love every detail in her face, her smile, voice, laughter... her optimism and tender love to whole world, every human being. I love her, because she is so much better person than me.

And it's so unfair toward Ruth that I can't love her anymore when she does.

Shailene's POV

"...and Tobias will promise to show Jeanine where factionless have their... Shai, are you with us?" I hear Rob's voice and try to look apologetically. In fact, I wasn't listening to him at the moment.

Whole morning was weird. Theo looked tired, discontentedly and wasn't speaking much; although he smiled at me and said good morning. I am upset that I can't help him whatever is going on. Anyway, now we have to start filming the emotional scene where Tris see Tobias killing himself in simulation.

"Action!" yells Robert, but the word seems to come from far distance. I kneel there playing terrified, trembling Tris Prior in simulation. Theo is standing in front of me with long knive.

"Tris." He says.

"What are you doing? Stop!" My voice breaks down, tears coming to my eyes. 

"I'm doing this for you." He answers and smiles slightly, moving knive closer to his stomache. In this scene isn't end of whole situation; audience will see only this moving knive and nothing else. Now I have to start screaming and crying.

I'm screaming. I'm crying. You have to really connect with your character to do something like this. I do.

"Stop! Okay, Theo, Shai, it was amazing, thank you. And now some pause for snack, guys!" I hear Rob's voice. 

I hurry up to talk to Theo, but I bump into Miles.

"Sorry, Peter!" I murmur.

"Everything's okay, Stiff." He grinns. "You look like you have important thing to do."

"Bingo, Sutter. It's important."

"It have something to do with Mr. Eaton, right?"

I stop, carefully watching him. "Well... yeah, that's true."

"I don't want to be rude, Shai. But maybe now he would like some... privacy." 

I look at Miles. He's honest and... he's a man. He knows how other guy feels in some way. I look over the room at Theo. Our eyes meet. And smiles appear on our faces. We connect. And despite the physical laws, ten meters in that moment are nothing.

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