Chapter 5 Trigger warning

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I woke up with Nashs foot in my face I got up and looked around I couldnt see Natasha or Gilinsky I went into the kitchen Kian and Sam were talking "guys have you seen Nat or Gilinsky?" I asked them "no not since last night" Kian said. I decided to head home on my own since Nash and Jack J were still asleep.

I went into Gilinskys room to see if he went home last night he was in bed with some girl "Ohh I see why you left last night" I said winking at him and walking out of his room I decided to call Nat Her phone rang and I swear I could hear it ringing from the kitchen I was right I picked it up and went back into jacks room "Care to explain?" I asked holding the phone up

"ehhh she left it here"

"sure she did so If I go over to the bed it wont be her beside you?"

"Shut up and dont say anything to anyone"

"Ok I wont but I taught you hated eachother?"

"Yea we do"

"So why did you sleep together?"

"Its complicated ok"

Honestly I was so confused the two of these hate each other then I find them in bed together. I went onto twitter -@CameronDallas: People confuse me-

Nash and Jack J came home a few minutes later I didnt say anything about Nat being upstairs I just sat down and waited to see what happened.

Natasha POV

"Tasha Tasha wake up" Jack said shaking me "Whats wrong?" I said rubbing my eyes

"Cam knows"

"Cam knows what?"

"About you staying here last night"


"Yea I told him not to say anything so hopefully he wont"

"Yea he better not"

"You hungry?"

"Yea lets go to Ihop"

"Here put this on" he said throwing me a hoodie

"Ohhh your actually going to let me wear it now?"

"Yea put the hood up cause I think Nash and Jack came back and we dont want them seeing that its you"

I put the hoodie on and put the hood up Jack picked me up and I buried my face into his back and we went downstairs "whos the chick" "ohh looks like someone got lucky" Nash and Jack J said "See you guys later were going for breakfast" Jack said and we left he put me down so I could get into the car.

The car ride was silent and kind of awkward. We got to Ihop and got pancakes and waffles

"so am I dropping you home then?" He asked "you dont have to I can walk" I said "get in the car" he said opening the door.He dropped me off to my house and was about to say something but stopped "you ok?" I asked "yea why?" "It looked like you were about to say something" "well I wasnt bye" he said and slammed the door in my face. Ugh this boy.

I went upstairs and went on Netflix I watched Teen Wolf since ive started to become addicted to it like come on who wouldnt want to stare at Dylan O'Brien.I checked my phone I had a new message from Kylie.

From Kylie: Hey hun can you meet me at starbucks Asap its important!!!!

What I was so confused. I put on a pair of leggings uggs and a oversized jumper and headed out to starbucks I seen Kylie crying in one of the booths with Carters arm around her

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