Im Speechless

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Lillie's POV

I got invited to sherlock's flat for Christmas. "You look beautiful" john said gesturing for me to hand him my coat. "Thank you, john. You look handsome." I said. "You and Sherlock would be perfect together." He whispered hoping sherlock wouldn't hear him. "Is sherlock in the kitchen?" I asked. "Yeah." I walked into the kitchen. "Merry Christmas Sherlock." I said. "Is this the Lillie john has told me about?" He asked. "Yes." I told him. "Seeing a boyfriend tonight?" He asked. I tilted my head to the right curious because I'm single. "Well, the other presents are slabbed together and that one is tied perfectly. The box is the same shade of your lipstick which indicates that you like the receiver. No, you love him. That man is." He looked down at the card.



"I hope your happy with what you have done. Merry Christmas Sherlock" I kissed him on the cheek and ran out of there crying.

John's POV

"I thought you two would be perfect for eachother, but clearly you are too ignorant and stupid to realize how much you meant to her." I ran after Lillie but I couldn't find her. I went into her apartment building and walked next to her door. I could hear Lillie crying from outside. I knocked on the door. "Lillie? It's me, john. Can I come in?" I asked. "Yes. You were always like a brother to me, huh Watson?" I walked in. I wiped tears off of her face. "It'll be alright. You'll find another." She held my hand. "I can't help it I love him. But he is married to his work." I felt bad. "Then I guess I'm divorcing my work." We heard sherlock say from the doorway. "I should have never ever did that. My apologies would never begin to say how sorry I am. So let me just do this." He kissed her.i clapped my hands like we were at a wedding. "Yay!" I said like a five year old. They giggled. "I know when it's time for me to leave." I walked out of there and went to 221B Baker Street

Sherlock's POV

"we are boyfriend and girlfriend right?" I asked. "Yeah, I guess." She told me. "I have never done this sort of thing before and I'm enjoying this." She smiled. "That's good. What do you want to do?" Lillie asked. "I don't know. Want to snuggle up by the fire and watch a movie?" I asked. "Sure what movie?" She asked. "Nine dead. I have seen it a million times. It's an amazing movie" we sat and watched the movie. I ended up sleeping over there.


"God dammit" I said. "What?" Lillie asked. "I have no cases today and I'm extremely bored." I told her. "Come to work with me. I'm a detective for Scotland Yard." She asked. "Okay."


We walked into the crime scene. "Who is this yum yum?" A girl asked. "That yum yum is your best friend's boyfriend so quit it." Lillie elbowed her. "I'm Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes." Im shook her hand. "Lanie Parish. I'm from America." She told me. A girl and a boy walked over. "Hello I'm Kate Beckett and this is Richard Castle. As you can see, we are both from America just like Lanie. Over there is Joviar Esposito and Kevin Ryan. They are American too." They both shook my hand. "Sherlock Holmes" her mouth gaped. "The Sherlock Holmes?" I nodded my head. "They're together" Lanie said to Kate. "Wow" Kate said. "What?" Richard asked. "Nothing." Kate said quickly. We started solving the case. "We have to go to the shut down train station." She told me.

The Station

Lillie's POV

Sherlock and I walked into the station. "Sherlock run!!!" I screamed as someone grabbed me and I was knocked out. I suddenly woke up tied to a chair. My wrists and my ankle were tied so tight they were burning. "Look who's awake" an Irish accent said. "That's no way to say 'good morning' to a lady." I smirked. "His smartassiness has rubbed off on you." I knew he was talking about sherlock. "I will burn you." I instantly knew who it was. "I will burn the heart out of you." He came out of the shady corner. I spit in his face. "Bitch" he said. "Jerk" I told him. "Quoting the Winchesters are we?" He smirked. Moriarty started hitting me. I could barely breathe. "Oh. 'Next I'll get them." I yelled at him. "Moriarty. You won't be able to get them next after Sherlock gets a wind of this." He laughed. "Like Sherlock will." I saw a hand come out and cover Moriarty's mouth. A man then came out from the shadow behind me and had a gun to the side of my head. "Let him go Holmes" the low voice said. "Kill her and I'll kill him." Watson then knocked out the guy with the gun to my head. "Are you alright darling?" I nodded my head which probably would have hurt more than talking. John untied me. I stood up but my thighs were covered in bruises. Sherlock decided to carry me.

The Hospital

Sherlock carried me in a cradle to a hospital. They put me on a gurney. The nurses wouldn't let sherlock come along. I grabbed the nurse's arm. "Please?" I asked her in a faint voice. They let him slide. The nurses gave me amnesia. I woke up to sherlock praying at the end of the hospital bed. Tears were falling down his cheeks from his closed eyes. "God, hello it's me again. Sherlock Holmes. Could you do me a favor? One more miracle. Please don't let her die. Let Lillie wake up. Her eyes are too blue to get rid of. They are like the ocean shining at sunset. Her smile is so bright that someone gets giddy by the sight of her. Lillie has an amazing brain. I love her too much to just let her go. I want to make a stand to let her live. She is so precious that I wouldn't be able to move on. Even though we haven't done much, Lillie means so much to me. Lillie was the only girl who I could fall for. That is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me." I smiled. Sherlock began singing in a low voice. "She is my sunshine. My only sunshine." I sang with him. "She makes me happy when skies a grey. She'll never know dear how much I love her. Please don't take my sunshine away." Sherlock didn't notice I sang along. "I guess god listened to your prayer." I said. He looked over and held my hand. "You're okay." He said smiling. As he held my hand, I put my hand on his cheek. "Wait, where is Moriarty?" I asked. "Hell." He told me. "He found his throne." We laughed. John walked in with a few balloons, roses and a huge white teddy bear that said 'get beary well soon'. "From the precinct. The teddy bear was me and Mary" He took out a velvet box with a necklace that had an L on it. "This is sherlock." I looked to sherlock. "It's beautiful. Thank you. I love you." I said to him. "I love you too." A nurse walked in. "May I borrow mr.Holmes for a moment?" Sherlock walked outside. "How's Mary?" I asked john. "She is fine. We aren't telling most people but, she is pregnant." I got excited. "That's great." I said. Sherlock walked back in. "You can come home but you just need to take time off of work to heal. The doctors said you need crutches. At least you're coming home." I nodded my head. We got home. Moriarty was waiting there.

Moriarty's POV

"I need to kill her. It's either her or john, sherlock. Make your choice" he looked at her. "I'll go." She said. "I love you sherlock." She kissed him. "If you take me you can never bother sherlock and john ever again. Do you understand me? If you EVER touch my boyfriend and any of his friends I will come back and murder you." Moriarty nodded. "John, you were always like a brother to me. See you around." John wiped a tear off of his face. "Bye. It's been a pleasure." John and sherlock hugged as we walked out of there.

9 Months Later

Sherlock's POV

John, mrs.hudson and I visited Lillie's grave. "May I have a moment alone?" I asked. They nodded and walked off. "Hello, Lillie. I miss you so much. When I think of you, I get sad that you aren't coming back. Just give me one more wish, one more miracle. Don't be dead. You just can't be dead." I started crying and fell to my knees. "I failed you. I loved you so much and I let you down. I'm so sorry"

You pan over into the distance and see her standing there. She pulled a sherlock WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTT?!?!?

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