by fate

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hi. dont kill me please Andy if i write this will you finally bring the dominoes for our science experiment?

Andy POV:

I walked out of the school and bumped into someone but before i could fall they caught me. i looked up.

"K-Kyoya, i'm so sorry i didnt mean to bump into you" i said.

"Its okay, it was my fault anyways. May you come with me for a second?" he asked.

"sure" i said quietly.

Kyoya led me to this beautiful park and we sat down on a bench, he reached into his bag and pulled out a bunch of roses.

"For you" he said while blushing.

"Kyoya......they're beautiful"  i blushed as well.

"I have a question for you....... will you be my girlfriend?"

"K-Kyoya....YES!" i squealed and hugged him.


shortest chapter ever....... oh well thats what she gets for not bringing the dominoes XD

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