Chapter 3...

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Maybe this star is my star.



My alarm clock went off.

"For fuck sake" i said under my breathe.

I smashed my small fragile hand on the clock. As I hit my alarm clock I also hit the corner of my bed side table hitting my funny bone. I growled in pain as a shoot of agony shot up my arm.

With the bright huge ball of fire, the sun, shining into my blue orbs I shoved my duvet off and sat up noticing my mum sat in the arm chair fast asleep. I wonder when she got here?

I have a meeting today with my doctor about my recent results... To be quite honest with you i'm shitting myself. Who wouldn't?

I got dressed, you know just into some tracksuit bottoms and a hollister jumper. I didn't have to really impress anyone did i? I think not.

I decided to go to the hospital shop seeing as the foods here's horrible. Let's just pray it's my last one. Huh.


"Amber, you look great! How are you feeling within yourself?" Doctor Daniel said sounding enthusiastic.

"Well, if you class still being tubed up and having wire around you, great? Then i'm feeling fantastic." I said with sarcasm.

Doctor Daniel sat down on his 'lovely leather chair and placed his hands done on the table and locking his fingers together. I mimicked him and did the same, but this time i leant forward ready to hear my results.

I closed my blue pearl-like eyes and hoped for the best.

"Amber," there was a long pause.

"Please just tell me, don't bother doing some special speech. "

"Life's hard, huh? God gives us challenges that he knows we can ove-"

This could take forever.

"Just tell me," tears started to emerge from my eyes. "I really want to know"

"Amber, you're cancer free!"


omfg, i don't even know what to write😂... Sorry. I'm going to be starting a new book soon and i actually will complete it:)

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