First Time

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Hey Guys.I'm here.I've been busy that's all.

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For Kat✌

Things started to get really heated when you started ripping off each others’ clothes. Soon enough, you guys were both naked, him laying on top of you. You had never been so horny in your life.Well because you never knew you could get horny actually.

"I’m gonna make you feel so good, babe." Justin growled as he leaned down to kiss you again. He started kissing your cheek..then your neck..then your collarbone..then your breasts. He eventually just made his way down to your clit. You could feel your stomach tie in knots, but you were so turned on, and he was teasing you way too much.

You started breathing deeply and you gripped the sheet on the bed with intense pleasure. He slowly started eating you out, licking and nibbling where no other guy ever dared to go before.

"Oh my god." You moaned, laying your head back on the pillow. The pleasure continued to build in your body as he kept going. You had never felt anything so amazing. You screamed out as you orgasmed the first time, and Justin lunged forward and grabbed your face again, kissing you roughly.

"Shh!" He said in a hushed tone, "You need to be careful, remember that they’re downstairs." You nodded in agreement and kissed him again. He crawled on top of you and positioned both of you correctly. He pushed himself into you carefully, making you gasp.

"Are you alright?" He asked. You nodded, biting your lip. You were surprised he was being so sensitive, because he normally wasn’t like that. He continued to pump himself in and out of you slowly and carefully, like he was afraid of hurting you.

"Justin," You moaned seductively, "Please go faster." He didn’t miss a beat before obeying your command. He started moving his hips faster and faster, sending intense amounts of pleasure throughout your whole body with each thrust.

"Oh my god, Kat." He moaned. You loved hearing his low, raspy voice during sex. It turned you on even more than you already were.

"Fuck, Just I . I’m g-gonna-" You stuttered. He started pumping even faster now, grunting a bit when he did. That’s when you realized that you liked it rough. Very rough. "Yes, Justin ! Yes!" You screamed as you hit your high. He groaned loudly as he came in his condom. He collapsed next to you, both of you were breathing heavily and deeply.

"Wow." He said under his breath.

"Yeah," You agreed, already understanding what he was talking about.

"That was amazing," He turned over to face you, but you were still staring at the ceiling, trying to comprehend what you just did, "Kat, I really like you."

You turned towards him, more confused than ever, “What?”

"I know I’ve always been a dick to you," He admitted (surprisingly), "But I’m willing to change if you’d give me a chance..and be my girlfriend." You did nothing but widen your eyes. Girlfriend?!


"Shh," He put his finger over your lips, "I got you something." He pulled out a small box from the pocket of his shorts that were playing on the ground. You took it hesitantly. When you opened it, it revealed a small, silver, heart-shaped necklace. It was a locket, as well. You opened it to reveal an old picture. One you hadn’t seen in a long long time. It was of you and Justin when you first met as kids.

Justin moved to your school when you were in 7th grade. You guys got on immediately, and you kind of had a thing. Your mutual friend took that picture at the 7th grade farewell party of you two. You still loved that picture, you just could have never admitted it to yourself.

"Oh my god," You said, "Justin , I don’t know what to say."

"Do you like it?" He asked nervously.

You looked up at him, “I love it.” You leaned forward and gave him a hug, then realizing again that you were completely naked. “We should probably put our clothes on.” You giggled. He laughed too. You both got out of bed and started re-clothing yourselves.

You turned around again in time to see him putting on his shirt. His abs were perfectly visible one last time, making you smirk. He noticed and smiled at the ground. He walked toward you and pulled you into him, giving you another kiss.

"Here," Justin said, taking the necklace from you, "Let me help you put it on." You turned around and lifted your hair out of the way as he clipped the clasp together and the locket dangled on your chest. You turned back to him.

"I love it, thank you." You draped your arms around his shoulders and looked into his perfect amber brown eyes again.

" don’t hate me anymore?" He asked, half worried and half sarcastic. You laughed.

"Why would I hate you?" You smiled, "You’re my boyfriend."

Sorry if this sucked.I'll probably edit this later.

I felt so bad not writing for you guys.

But I will ✌

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