School Romance

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For Kat

It was your first day of school you were going to be a senior in high school.

“Did you hear, the new english teacher is really hot!” Your best friend exclaimed as you walked into english class. You took your seats and waited for the teacher to arrive. Then he walked in, your new teacher. He had brown hair in a quiff and the most amazing brown eyes and his eyelashes, they went on for miles. He was only like two years older than you. You could see a couple tatoos on his arm and he looked up at you and smiled. “Hello class, my name is Mr.Bieber.” Almsot every girl was hooked on his words. “Wow he is hot” Your friend whispered. “Pop quiz” Mr.Bieber said. “Just to see what you already know.” Everyone groaned. The bell rang and you scurried to finish your test as everyone else left.

“Do you need more time?” Mr.Bieber asked. “yes please” you said breathlessly as you stared into his eyes. He smiled and went back to his desk. Thrity minutes passed this quiz was impossible. “I just need to see what you know, it’s not graded” You jumped when you felt Mr.Bieber’s warm breath on the back of your neck. “Oh I was just trying to make a good impressions” You stammered. “I think you already have Kat” You looked at him confused. He continued “I think you’re beautiful and I know it seems wrong but I like you” You jaw dropped. “I have to go” You got up and went to leave.

“Kat wait!” Mr.Bieber caught your arm. “Mr.Bieber-” “Justin” he corrected you “Justin… this isn’t right I mean its legal but it’s too weird.” Then Justin kissed you and you kissed him back. “I’m willing to make it right and I won’t tell anyone” Justin promised. You sighed “I like you too Justin and I won’t tell anyone.” He smiled and kissed you softly. “Until tomorrow” He said and went to his desk. Justin and you had been secetl dating for three months. One day after english, which is your last class, you hung behind. “Class was wicked boring today Justin” You laughed. He turned around. “Oh please I saw you staring at me I doubt it was boring to you.” He said. You sat on his desk and he came over and kissed you. “Need any extra credit?” He said cheekily. You heart jumped. Justin kissed you roughly and took off his shirt. “Are you ready?” He asked. “Can I trust you?” “Of course” he said kissing you. Then he slipped his hand into your leggings rubbing you gently then rougher. “Justin!” You moaned breathing fast and heavy. He took off your shirt, leggings and panties. Justin kissed your neck moved to your breasts then your stomach and evenntuslly started kisssing you down there. You gasped and grabbed his hair. “You like that baby?”Justin teased. You moaned in response. Justin ripped off his pants and you stared at his length it was huge. “ooooh” You moaned as he stuck a finger inside of you. Then he thrusted into you. “Justin!!!” You screamed. Justin sucked your breasts as he continued thrusting faster and faster. “Come for me baby” He whispered in your ear before kissing it. You whimpered at his touch.He thrusted faster and harde whilst rubbing you. “Justinnnn!” you groaned as you climaxed and he climaxed inside of you. “Oh baby you’re so beautiful” Justin said as he kissed your forehead and helped you get dressed. “That was amazing” you breathed. “I love you Kat” He said. “I love you too Justin, but I have to go” “Bye love” Justin smacked your bum and you giggled. The next day was weird. All class Justin wouldn’t even look at you and when he did it was a glare. After the class you confronted him. “Whats your problem today Justin?!” He turned around angrily. “I know you told someone about us!! I shouldn’t have trsuted some stupid kid!” You were shocked. “I never told anyone Justin!” ” Ya well I got fired today was my last day no thanks to you.” “you don’t need to blame this on me Just I !!” He turned around and pinned you against the wall holding your hands above your head. “Lets do this one more time baby” He breathed against your neck. You squirmed around as rubbed you through your pants. “You’re wet already” He smirked. Justin kissed you through your pants and then took them off. “You’re dripping baby” he said running his hand up your thigh. “Justin please…” you moaned in anticipation. He kissed your inner thighs teasing you. “Please what” he asked. Before you could answer he kissed you down there sucking your clit and adding his finger to the mix. “Ahhhh fuckk!!!” you moaned loudly. Justin took his finger out of you and pushed you down in front of his crotch pulling down his pants. “Suck it.” He commanded. You took his length in your mouth and he pushed it in farther. Justin entangled his hands in your hair. “That feels so good baby” He moaned. You took his length out of your mouth. Justin picked you up and put you on his desk spreading your legs rubbing his length against your clit. “Please Justin ” you moaned loudly. He shoved his length inside of you thrusting fast and hard. You were about to climax. “Don’t yet baby hold it in I wanna see how much you can take.” He said kissing your neck and thrusting faste and harder into you. “I can’t Justin I’m gonna-” then you climaxed inside of him. Justin groaned and climaxed as well. “I guess losing my job is worth it as long as I have you.” he said kissing you gently. 


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