Why alone?

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"Why am I always alone?" Lucinda thought to herself as she walked down the corridor , passing many classroom to the library. She is always sitting alone at a side of the library, reading her book about friendship. She tried talking to some people near her locker, but they always either ignore or sneer at her. Lucinda can never get the reason why people always dislike her. She tried very hard. But, every time she tries, she fails.

After a month, she gave up. She decided to be a loner for life. "Anyway I only have a year to two in this school. I rather be a loner than to keep on embarrassing myself." she thought to herself letting out a soft sniff. She wiped her tears off her cheeks.

She continued reading her book, this time it is about witches. She was too engrossed in reading the book so much, she was unaware of her surroundings.

Just then, the recess bell rung. It was the end of recess. Lucinda reluctantly placed back her book in class. Unfortunately, it was Chinese now. Her Chinese teacher, Ms Xu was the fiercest teacher she had met in her whole life! She was fiercer than a tiger. Even if you are late for a second when she's in class, she would also scold you like a mad dog. She had to rush. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She saw that all her friends was inside. That was it. She had to face the music. She knocked the door.

Surprisingly, Ms Xu was on MC. Lucinda heaved a sigh of relief. The relieve teacher was Mrs Long( although, she was quite short ) Lucinda softly greeted her teacher a good morning ,than she dashed to her seat and sat down.

Sry this chapter is quite short. I would a longer chapter. Promise.

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