So I thought before we continue, that I should tell you how I became a vampire hunter, shouldn't I? I mean I can't just say, "hi, I'm Lizzie Gray and I'm vampire hunter, and you are?" Without actually saying how I became a vampire hunter, plus I love babbling on about things so might as well babble about my vampiric hunting, shouldn't I? Don't worry If you don't want to know then skip to the next chapter but just saying this is sort of crucial to the storyline sooo... yeah... please read it! Here we go, time for flashback 101! That's what I called it, do you like the name? No? Well fuck you! And if you do, high-five sister! Or high-five brother! What? I don't want to be sexist! Okay sorry, see I babble! Hahaha! Okay flashback 101, START!

All of our family had been werewolf/vampire hunters and that meant so was my mum and dad, although my dad hunted vampires, my mum hunted werewolves and when I was born they made me choose an object... Okay not when I was born no, when I was 7, I could either choose a gun filled with silver bullets or a stake. If I chose the gun filled with silver bullets that means my dad would stop hunting vampires and help train me to be a werewolf hunter, but if I chose the stake my mum would stop hunting werewolves and help train me to be a vampire hunter. Of course they never told me this all they did was put the objects infront of me and say,

"Okay, now you can chose either on of these and when you are older you get to use them!" That's what my mum said my dad just said,

"just pick either one," that's it, haha, that lazy sod!

So at first I thought, a gun was cool but then again stakes are better close up so it means that if they sneak up on me I could quickly turn and stab them plus I don't have to keep reloading it, I could just get another one and make them as well.. yeah my 7 year old logic was pretty awesome, so I chose the stake and I remember my dad picking me up and hugging me calling me his precious little girl and that type of things... so I trained to be a vampire hunter, much to my mums disappointment.

When I was 13 I killed my first vampire; weird... because Sam turned into a werewolf when he was 13 and I murdered someone... hmm... I guess mine wasn't that life changing... Anywayz! I hated training to kill vampires because unlike werewolves they look human, but soon enough my sense became more sensitive towards vampires; I could hear them approach, I could see them in the dark and I could smell them from at least 100 cm away, but it depends on the direction of the wind.

I asked my dad whether I could stop training to kill vampires when I was 14 and my mum thought that meant I could be a werewolf hunter, my dad refused and so here we are, two years later, a vampire hunter... okay, and here is how I met my first werewolf hunter!

I was going to school like any normal person would, I was 13 so I was just starting Year 9 of high school, there was a new boy in class and he always stared at me as I walked into the classroom and if he was behind my or next to me, he would stare at me, at first I decided not to pay any attention, I just thought maybe he had the hots for me or something, but when I got detention, so did he, I went to detention like normal and I sat in the top right corner of the room and started reading a book; it was a book about vampire hunting but I kept the book in my lap so noone saw the title and thought I was weird. I heard the door open and in he walked, I didn't know his name because I couldn't care less, anyhow. He spotted me and I quickly looked to my book and began reading again, I looked up through my eyelashes and there he was sitting infront of me with a huge grin on his face, "you must be Lizzie," he said outstretching a hand, I shook it and nodded, not looking up from my book, "I'm Dean, so, vampire hunting, huh?" That's when my head shot up to look at him, I squinted my eyes,

"how do you-" I began but he cut me off,

"don't worry, I'm a werewol hunter," he had said then he pointed to my book, "I have one of those but for werewolves of course," he had laughed and I had just stared at him,

"good for you," I had said quickly returning to my book,

"hey," he snatched my book from me and put it in his lap so still noone saw it, "why don't we be friends?" I just stared at him and shrugged,

"sure, now give me my book!" I had said a bit too loudly and the teacher looked up and shot me a dirty look, "please," I whispered, I did get my book back and me and Deam were friends, for a long time, but when I was 15 he had got killed in a werewolf attack and I remembered crying for ages at his funeral, he was the only other hunter (except my parents) that I knew, and it was devestating to watch his coffin be lowered into his grave. You know some people put flowers on coffins? Yeah well I put a box of silver bullets on his, at least, he'll be buried with an object he is familiar with.

Once I even made friends with a vampire, big mistake.

So the vampires name was Logan Peterson and I was assigned to kill him, he was a new vampire and only just turned so he was my age, but in vampire years a couple of months old, anyway, when I got to his hideout he pleaded for me not to kill him, and he was gorgeous! I was sort of confused at first because I was like, why is he pleading with me? Normally vampires would try and rip your throat out if you weren't quick enough or on your own. I knew I had to kill him but I just couldn't bring myself to do it, he reminded me of Dean, I guess thats why I didn't kill him, I told him I wouldn't if he did me a a favour,

"anything, I promise!" He had said,

"keep away from my family," he looked confused, "if you want to live, my mum, dad and I are vampire hunters and if they find out I let you live not only you would die but I probably would..." He had tried to walk over to me and because he hadn't gotton used to the speed thing they can do he zoomed into me sending us crashing down to the floor, 

"I'm so so sorry! I havn't gotton used to it yet!" I had just nodded and gotton of the floor, "don't worry you still look cute!" He blurted out, I had stopped dusting myself off to look at him,

"what?" I had said sort of stunned, he hesitated and then quickly kissed me... And that's how my first kiss happened and believe me kissing a vampire, especially Logan, wasn't bad, sure it waas cold but it was a more different cold as in it was cold but enjoyable... I'm babbling and that doesn't even make sense... hmmm... okay let's carry on, after he had kissed me I had put my hands 'round his neck and kissed him again... okay when I say became friends with a vampire, I mean became a girlfriend to one... what can I say? He was hot and an awesome kisser! Okay? Good.

We were happy until my mum and dad found out, they had shouted at me and I shouted back saying he was different, they didn't take any of it... then when I got home from school today, I went to the basement (where we keep our weapons) to get ready for the training session and I found Logan chained to the wall, with my mum and dad standing either side of me, he had been gagged so he couldn't talk,

"mum? Dad? What's going on?" I had said running to Logan, they didn't stop me, I removed the gag and had held his face in my hands, "are you okay?" I had asked he nodded,

"you need to be taught a lesson for being up close and friendly with a vampire," my dad said, shoving a stake into my hands.. well not into them but so I was holding it, you know what I mean, "kill him," he had said, I had looked at the stake then Logan, after contemplating it I had dropped the stake and shouted,

"NO! I WILL NOT KILL THE BOY I LOVE!" My mum and dad had just laughed at that,

"oh honey, you can't love a monster," my mum had said,

"yes I can, and I do! Also he's not a monster, he's a human being who was at the wrong place at the wrong time!" My dad laughed harder, "what?" I had snapped at him,

"you won't love him anymore," he said picking up the stake,

"dad no!" He raised the stake, "DAD!" I had screamed, "PLEASE! NO!" I screamed as I watched my boyfriend turn to dust, I dropped to my knees and started crying,

"have fun," they both had said in unison as they walked out the basement and locked me in, I sat there crying. Eventually, I stopped crying and I had scooped up the dust in my hands,

"oh Logan, I got you in this mess..." I said to the dust, "I'll never kill a vampire again!" I moved the dust to one hand and stroked it with the other, "NEVER!" I shouted. And I didn't, until I killed Zack, who was Sams brother... see? I always kill the wrong ones! But to be fair he was going to bite me and then put his blood in the wound... yeah you need a vampires blood in the wound.. problem? No? Good!

That's the end of flashback 101.. back to the story in the next chapter! Like I said some of this information is important so at least skim read it to get the gist of what happened!

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