For the love of a daughter

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I walked in my door. Hoping my father wasn't home, but as always my hopes were crushed in the palm of his hand as he slapped so hard i hit the ground.

"I told you to time and time again... Don't leave with out taking out the trash!!" He yelled hitting me again. "And what you forgot?!!"

i didn't dare move... i know if i do then he would hit me again. i can't stand up for my self because .. he will hit me harder. So i just sat there.

"Answer me damnit!!!"" He yelled.

i quickly shook my head yes.

"Your lucky... next time ill do worse!''He stormed out.
What have i ever done to him?! Why does my dad hate me?!

it was peaceful in the house i did my home work and cleaned the house.

Pictures of something have been flashing in my head non stop since i met that weird girl.

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