Chapter 50 { very inturesting chapter }

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Kamryns POV:

" Hi kian not suprised to see you hear." Connor said

" Nice to see you to." kian said

" I'm taking Kamryn today." Kian said

" Nope. I'm gonna hang out with my girlfriend" Connor said

" Girlfriend?" Kian asked looking at me

" You know what. I'm gonna hang out with.. Troye." I said

" he's alseep." kian said

" I don't need you 2 to fight over me im not worth your time." I said

Connor walked over to me and put his arm around me and kissed my cheek.

I had a disgusted awkward expression on my face which made kian laugh.

I just really didn't want to be put in this awkward situation right now

I just walked to my room and closed the door.

Kian's POV:

"We'll." I said

" okay kian bye" Connor said

" Bye Connor" I said and fake smiled

Kamryns POV:

" morning troye." I said frustrated

" hi " he replied looking at his phone

" is there something wrong?" he added

" a lot." I said flopping on my bed.

" You want to talk about it" he said

" Not really." I replied laughing.

Connor came into my room

with a mad / sad expression on his face.

" What's up?" I asked

" I'm sorry.." he said

" it's okay you didn't really do anything wrong" I said

I went up to Connor and gave him a hug.

" Me and Tyler better get going" Troye said

" Okay see you soon " I said giving troye a hug

********************* { 4:00pm }

I pretty much sat down with Connor in my room the whole day and we just watched a couple movies.

" I'm tired wow" I said

" me too." Connor said

I got up and put my laptop on the floor and got back into bed.

I felt Connor wrap his arms around me and he pulled me closer to him.

just when I was about to close my eyes someone called me.

it was ricky.

that was kind of random..

" Hey Ricky what's up!" I said

" Kamryn we need you to get hear as soon as possible please hurry.!" Ricky said almost out of breath

" What's going on" I said worried

the line went dead.

" Connor we need to leave right now no joke." I said

" Why what happened" he said

" I don't know we need to leave!" I yelled running out the door.

We both got in the car and drove off to the o2l house.

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