I drove out of the drive way wth tears falling down my face. I drove for a while before pulling over and getting out of the car. I ran my hands through my hair leaning against the car. I slid down and fell on the floor new tears replacing the older ones. Why? Why did he cheat on me? Am I not enough? Am i that bad? 

No more tears. I'm not going to shed more tears on that piece of shit. I'll move on. I'll go to college and neer come back. I don't know anyone called Mason.I never found a mate. There was never a Mason in my life. After my prep talk, I got off the floor and rubbed the dust off my pants. I opened the car door and climbed in. I put the keys in ignition and started the car. I started driving towards home. My real home with my parents and Brandon. 

I was facing the door of my parents house. I don't know what to call it anymore as it wasn't my house. According to wolf laws she-wolfs belong with their mates and their mate's house is there house. So Mason's house is my house, but i rejected him. 'It's okay. We are only living here for a while before we go to uni.' Sierra said. 'Yeah. You're right.' I whispered before knocking on the door.

The door was opened by mom a little while later. "Oh my baby girl." Mom wrapped me in a hug. I felt my shirt getting wet and i knew that she was crying. "Mom please stop crying you'll make me cry." I say rubbing her back to calm her down.

She sniffed before letting go of me and pulling me inside. I find my dad and Brandon sitting in the living room with a worried look on their face. "Hey" I say barely above a whisper. I guess they heard as they look at me and walk towards me, wrapping me in their arms. "Thank god you're alright." I hear my dad say. "I'm okay. I'm okay now." I say as i pull away laughing and wiping the tears that threatened to fall.

"What happened with Mason Mel?" Mom asked unsure if she should asked me. "He cheated on me." My mom gasped at my reply while brandon looked angry and Dad looked at me with sympathy. 

I laughed a sad laugh. "I-It's o-okay i-i guess. I kn-know that i don't d-deserve him, but he cou-could've rejected me nicely you kn-know? I just feel broken kn-knowing that he cheated on m-me while i-i loved him." Tears started to pool in my eyes making my vision blurry. Mom hugged me tightly. "He doesn't deserve you babygirl. He's not good." She said rocking us. "It's okay. Can we eat dinner. I'm starving." I say trying to decrease the tension in the air.

"I made spagetti and meatballs." Mom said trying to act happy. "Come on baby. I'll help you set the table." Dad said grabbing my mom's hand. They walked away and left me and Brandon alone n the living room. Brandon hugged me the second time. " I know you're not okay Mel. And listen to me when i say this. It's okay to be not okay. You should let go. You need to move on with your life. Fuck that asshole who cheated on a beautiful girl like you. You deserve much better." He said and kissed my cheek before walking towards the kitchen to help mom and dad.

I sighed and let tears slip. Brandon was right. Its okay to let go. And i'll move on.

I ran upstairs to my room and looked around it to find all my old stuff. I opened the cupboard and took out a black tanktop and a pair of white shorts. I opened a drawer and took out a pair of white lace lingerie and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After the shower and getting dressed i went downstairs to find my parents in the kitchen, taking out the food in bowls. "Wanna help?" dad asked. "Noooopppppeee" I said and ran away laughing. I heard my dad laughing in the kitchen. That's exactly what i used to do everytime he asked me to help him in the kitchen. I walked to the living  room to find Brandon with smiling at his phone screen. 

I grabbed the phone from his hand and started reading the text he got from a girl named Courtney.

"Hey thanks for helping me with my maths homework today. It was really awsome studying with you. See you tomorrow? 


I looked at Brandon and smirked. "So kiddy boy. Who's this Courtney?" I asked him and sat beside him on the couch. He blushed. "Aww. Does my baby brother have a crush?" He smiled and nodded. "Tell me about her." I ask interested now. "She's this girl in my school. She's really pretty, sweet and just awesome. She's a human, but i think that she's my mate Mel. I get this weird feeling whenever i see her. I love the way she laughs, the way she crinkles her nose when she's frustrated, the way her grey eyes sparkle when she see's ice cream." He says with love in his eyes. I smile and pat him on the soldier.

"Guys dinners ready." Dad shouts. We  all sit at the table, eat and talk about anything and evrything. I was happy to be back with my family again. 

There was a knock at the door making everyone stop what they were doing. "I'll get it." I say and get up from my seat and run towards the door. I open the door to find.....