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Today happened something weird.Well a friend of mine followed me.Now you may ask me what's weird in that?Well I don't wanna know how he bumped into me of all the ten million users.(It's  creepy).Anyways I just hope he isn't reading my storie.(You know because of my shyness).But in case he reads I warn him to not make fun of me because I'll....well I don't know what I'll do but I'll find something.Sorry for my blabbering

Enjoy! :P

Anna's POV

I can't stand anymore this silence.I just reviled the most dark secret of my life.I want him to say something.

I wanna know what he thinks.Does he pity me?Now that he knows why I give him the cold shoulder is he going to stop trying?Just say something please!Okay then I'll make the first move.

"Tyler...."I said with uncertainty clearly in my voice.

"This asshole.If I find him I'll beat the shit out of him"He growled.To say I was shocked is a complete understatement.

"I'm sorry if I scared you but I really really like you.I don't wanna see you hurt like that." I was expecting  to pity me or to act like I didn't just tell him.I surely didn't expect that.

"Wh-What?"I managed to whisper.He doesn't just like me!He really really likes me!

"I really really like you!I don't won't to see you hurt.I hate it.I'll make sure noone will hurt you from

now on."If I was ice cream know I would have melt.My heary was beating so rapidly this moment.My player side is  gone with his words.

"Why are you so nice?Why aren't you running away?" I asked with my heart still bounding in my chest.

"What do you mean?"He asked confused.

"Ashton cheated on me!I'm not good enough for a boy!I'm not good being myself. I won't be able to be what you want.When you see how weak is the real me you'll leave!" I said.A tear rolling down my chick.

"You're the most beautiful person Anna!You're funny, full of life,you have a unique personality.I'd never leave you.I'll be there for you."By now I was crying my eyes out.Tyler approached me carefully and then gave me a warm hug.

His words gave me strength.Finally I was free from my past.This whole event made me realize that it was my fault that I became something I wasn't.My insecurity drove me where I am now.I built all this barriers around me.I was letting out my sadness by getting drunk and playing something that I'm not.Then Tyler came to my life and brought my world upside down.Now I'm in Tyler's hug and I feel that I can finally trust again.

"Anna...You know that I like you and I know that you don't trust the male population but I want to try gain your trust." He said a bit hesitant.By this moment I had recovered from my brake down and I was listening carefully.

"So Anna Bellford will you go out on a date with me?"He asked

I couldn't find the words to describe my happiness right now.It's like everything is falling into place now.

"Yes!I'll go out with you"I said as calmly as possible.

"Well it's okay.I knew you wouldn't want to go out with me.I mean..."He continued bubbling for the next five minutes.I would have stopped him but I was distracted by how cute he was looking.

"TYLER!"I shouted at the top of my lungs.He finally snapped out from his trance.

"I said I'll go out with you"I said smiling.

"Really?"He said shocked.

"Yes"I said.

He's face lit up.It was like someone had offered him the world.It was the most beautiful scene I ever saw.

He lifted into the air and then hugged me.

"Come on lets get out of here"He said.

Yeahhhhhhh Finally!I'm going to write about a nice cute Anna! :P

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