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Everyone knew that Hunter Cole was the worst kind of bad news. But that didn't stop the girls from my class from drooling over him like vultures over a fresh carcass of meat.

It hadn't always been the case, though. Before Hunter left for CIA, Hunter was forever off-limits. He was the school's walking and talking danger zone, sort of like an active volcano; beautiful and enchanting, but was better and safer admired from afar.

It was an open secret that girls from the higher hierarchy wanted to have him as their trophy boyfriend but no one dared try to pursue him that time because:

1.) There was a higher tendency that he would set their salon-perfect hair on fire rather than sweep them off their feet.

2.) He was busy planning for world domination to even notice them anyway.

3.) He already had a girlfriend.

Of course, reasons number one and two were just excuses. The main reason why the vultures didn't swarm over Hunter before was because they knew they were no match on Heather, his girlfriend and our school's golden girl.

So you could probably imagine what happened next after Hunter came back from DC looking more gorgeous than ever and officially single for the first time in our high school life. I'd give you a clue: IT WAS UTTERLY INSANE.

After he showed up in Physics, I had to endure an hour and a half of misery that was the Hunter Cole Show. It took all of my energy to listen to Mr. Charleston and ignore all of the distractions around me because of all places; Hunter had to choose the seat that was just behind mine.

And it seemed like my classmates were absent when the subject of respect was taught during their pre-school days.

They kept on blabbing to Hunter-telling him how they missed him, how the school became boring when he left, and how it would be more exciting now that he was back- even if Mr. Charleston was lecturing in front of the class.

To give Hunter some credit, he didn't really have the chance to talk because everyone had already beaten him to it.

Good thing he wasn't on my next class, but the awkward silence that greeted me as soon as I entered the music room was just as bad. It was the subject I had with Rush St. Clair.

No one dared speak loudly of Hunter's name during the rest of the class out of fear of the school's resident bad boy but I could still hear their whispers and it drove me nuts.

"Crazy people..." I said to myself while tuning my violin.

"Yeah, tell me about it."

I almost jumped out of surprise when I heard that voice. I looked beside me and saw Rush also tuning his guitar. He wasn't looking at me but an amused smile was playing on his full lips.

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