For Alicia

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I'm so sorry its been forever but I'm here for now.

Romantic Holidays.

Justin and you have been dating for 2 and a half years. So Justin decided what "special" gift he should give you for Christmas.

"(Y/N), are you going to open your present?" Justin asks excitedly.

You look around excitedly but there was no present, you had already opened them all.

"Justin, there's none left..." you say confused.Justin walks over to you and bites his lip.

"What are you doing?" you ask

"Going to open my present" Justin says, still biting his lip.

"But your present is- ohh" you moan; Justin was giving you neck kisses. Justin's hands soon search for your waist.He then grabs you gently but hard.

"Justin, someone might see.." you say breathless.

"Let them, your mine tonight" Justin says while lifting you up and pinning you against the wall.

"Mine" Justin says again loosening your jeans and shirt.

"Yours" you whisper helping him. you soon find yourself in your bra and panties as well as Justin in his briefs- and still against the wall.

"Take me to Santa's crib" you wink at him.

"Anytime" he replies kissing and carrying you to his room.

"I'm going to ride you harder than Santa on his sleigh" You purr gently pushing him on the bed.

He soon begins to take off the rest of your clothes.You reach up and pull his underwear down.


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