Chapter9- new friends and songs

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Blake's pov

"No no I won't do it in front of the school," I want it to be just the two of us.

"Ok what about the clearing?" Vic suggests. That's good.

"Ok fine that's better. Now to ask her." ky says with a smirk. I really hope I don't mess up.

Next day at School

Alice's POV

Hey meet me at my place at 5 I want to take you somewhere ;) ~ Blake

Ok. why? ~ Alice

It's a secret :) , dress warm ~Blake

Ok that was a bit off of Blake to text me in first period or at all. I shot him a curios look and he just smirks. When the bell rings I go to my locker. "Hey Ashley," a familiar voice said. When I look to see who it is I see Matthew right next to me.

"Not my name," I say, "My name is Alice like Alice in Wonderland."

"Right I'm sorry, so any way do you want to hang out sometime? I know we got off on the wrong foot cause I was drunk and horny, but I want to hang out with you." He says.

"No I'm sorry but I don't really like the way you act." I tell him. I feel a little bad.

"It's ok don't worry." with that he left me alone. When I get into my math class there is a girl sitting in Vic's seat. That's a big no no.

"Um hi that's my friends seat and he doesn't like it when people sit there. I do to mean to sound rude but you might want to move." I tell her. It was simple and polite. The girl has long blond hair and light blue eyes. She is also alittle short.

"OK thanks for the heads up. I'm Katie. I don't have much friends yet, so can I seat with you?" She asks.

"Sure but I sit around annoying people. I'm Alice by the way." I tell her with a playful voice. She chuckles.

"It's offical you are now my best friend." She tells me as we sit down.

"My first best friend thats a girl." I tell her. She looks at me couriosly.

"I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR BFF!!" Oh god. "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!!" The same voice says.

"Shut up Ky. This is my girl best friend." I tell him. "Katie this idiot is Ky he is one of one of my best friends."

"No he isn't. I am." Vic comes in when he sees Katie he smriks. "Hello blue eyes whats your name?" he asks her. That little flirt.

"Not interested." She says. The look on his face was priceless.

"OH BURN." Ky yells. Idiot.

"Katie this is Vic the dudes seat you were sitting in." I tell her. She looks at me funny.

"Are all of your friends boys?" she asks. Now that I think about it might seem alittle weird.

"No you're my friend and you're a girl." I tell her. She looks at me and smiles.

"Out of the seat." Blake tells me. I roll my eyes.

"This is my last friend Katie,Blake." I tell her "The badboys of this school."

"Wait your friends with the badboys of this school?" she asks.

"Yeah." All four of us say.

"Sweet I'm friends with a badass." she says.

"Badass her funny." Ky says. I glare at him.

"Ok now that we know stuff about each other get up." Blake tells me.

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