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We were all looking at each other,we couldn't scream because he'll hear us...Mackenzie terrified! She said that we're gonna be in trouble.I and all the girls knew that we'll have to tell our moms where we went.It was hard...Mackenzie was too scred so she was on her mobile phone,noticing fans on instagram. I was watching at Jorge,I can't call him Jorge anymore,he is not human at all,he is a vampire! Linda's house was big so Jorge couldn't see us behind that house.he was just watching at the window,and then he just..........disapeard!

"Where is he?"-Paige asked.

"Okay girls,we have to tell our moms what is going on!Linda is in the big TROUBLE!!!" -I said.

"Linda is the best neighbour ever and I don't want to lose her"-Paige said with tears in her eyes.

"Girls,we have to focus on that vampire,he is somewhere now..."-Kendall said.

"Okay,I think our job for today is finished."-Nia said.

"Let's go on the bus and make sure that we're back ti the studio at the time! We have 20 more minutes."-Chloe said.

"We will get on time! Let's go now,the bus will be at the station for 5 minutes."-Brooke said.

We were waiting on the bus station. Bus came,we were all in the bus commenting Jorge but too quiet.

"Why he disapeard?"-Kendall asked.

"We will know for a few days"-I said.

"GIRLS!!!!"-Kenzie said loudly.

"What?"-we asked.

"GIRLS!!!"-Mackenzie again said loudly.

She was looking at something... We all turned our heads and then...we saw that!!! We saw Jorge! Wait...he first was in front of Linda's house and then came from a completely another direction?!

He was looking in the window and he had the normal eyes,normal blue eyes. We were all confused. Why they eyes turned red when we were in front of Linda's house? There were so many questions about that... He exited the station before us,so we were all close to him.

We were too terrified!

We came in the studio,we were there on time.

"Now we have to tell everything to our moms."-I said.

"...or Linda will be dead soon!"-Chloe continued.

Poor Kenzie,she was so scared! She couldn't even talk about that guy. Maybe she is too young for this,maybe not! We will see.

"Hey Maddie! Have you had a good time? Which ice cream did you eat?"-our mom said.

"Mom...we need to tell you something!"-I said.

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