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Chapter 20.

It's already dark outside and i think we should stay the night in this house, Wether we like or not.

"It's dark outside, We should stay the night in here, Is that okay with you?" I asked selena as she nod.

"Yeah." Hee voice is cracking, To be honest, I felt broken when i said Sooner or later i need to set you free. Because i don't want her to leave my life. I want her to stay with me forever but i know i will only put her in danger, I wanted a better life for her. She deserve a better guy than me.

"What are you thinking at harry?" She grab my hand and pull me to sit down beside her. "N-nothing," I cleared my throat, "You should take a shower, I'm going to get some food out from the trunk."

Selena's POV.

I sighed and put my bag down on the ground inside a room that it seems like mine, Because the colour is mint green. I walks into the bathroom and surprisingly is pretty clean, No rats, Cobwebs, Etc.

I twisted the faucet and it made a squeak noice, While i was waiting for the water to become warm, I twisted the sink faucet and cupped the both of my hands. Cold waters ran down from it as my face made a contact with the cold water.

Sometimes when you forgot something, You just wanted to splash something to your face and then you can remember it, But no. It doesn't work that way.

• •

I step in the shower and let the warm water explore my body, While i was ruffling my hair, I heard the bathroom door goes open and close, I peeked through the curtain and saw harry undressing himself.

"Ey what the fuck are you doin'?" I Said with a high tone as he laughed. "Relax, I'm just taking a shower." He daid with a duh tone.

"Whatever, You better not touching me." He snickered. "It's not like i never have touched you before." He said with a sass.

"Hey hey that's my move." I pointed at him as he laughed and step in the shower. Suddenly i felt his front brushed against my butt cheek.

"Harry." I warned him. "Sowwy." I rolled my eyes. He grab my hips and pull me towards him and now my back is facing his back, He leave wet kissed on my neck as i tilt my head to the side gaving him more access.

Both of his hand cupping my breast as the water keeps running, I bite my lip to not moan because i don't want a water gets into my mouth. -_-

He pulled away and turn me around, He crash his lips to mine while i played with his wet hair, His hands were touching my butt. My womanhood brushed against his manhood, And it sends me a tickles and stuff like that whatever you kids call these days.

He lick my bottom lip asking for entrance as i granted his wish and open my mouth, He slide his tongue in as our tongues are battling for dominance. But he wins.

We pulled away but our foreheads still touching, "You should dry off cause i'm hungry." I peck his lips and got out from the shower.

• •


"Yeah?" We are currently eating dinner right now just a pasta nothing much. "What are we going to do if Zayn's found us?" I said with a low tone and i am very scared.

I have to admit something, I love harry. I don't know if i already mention it but i love him, I'm ready to die with him. I'm just afriad to lose him.

He stay quiet just stare at his plate, "Say something." My voice cracking. "Well then i think i need to set you free." He nodded. I sighed quietly and stare at my plate while nibbling with my noodle.

I don't want to leave his side. I want to be with him forever. But i can't, I just can't because he's afraid that i will get hurt.

"Fine." I muttered, I grab my dirty plate and walk towards the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Harry's POV.

I don't know what to do to selena. I mean i could send her to uncle robert, I'm still in touch with him. He knows everything. He works as a bussines man.

He's selena's mom brother, And my mom's best friend and that's why i'm very close. My family and selena's family are like best friend, And we treat each other like a family.

My Mom and selena's mom, Mandy, Really loves each other. Not in that lesbian way. They both help each other through thick and thin. They get through with each other. If Selena's mom is sad, My mom is sad too. It's like they're sisters.

My plan is, I need to drop selena's at uncle roberts house and i will end this madness with Zayn. If he wants to kill me then kill me. But i will always watch selena's move.

• •

Selena's POV.

I was outside sitting on the porch just looking at the stars, It shines so bright that helps to light up the moon. My mom is out there, And so does my dad. Harry told me about this robert guy, He said that robert is my uncle.

I don't know him, Of course i don't know him because i've got a freakin' amnesia. I sighed and never take my eyes off the star.

"Hey, You should go back inside. I don't want you to catch a cold." I feel harry's presence behind me but i ignore him. He sat beside me and pull his knee towards his chest.

"I know it's hard for letting them go-.."

"I'm not thinking about that." I said still staring at the stars. "Then what are you thinking about?" He asked.

"I'm thinking about this robert guy, Is he really my uncle? Or you tryna' sell me." He laughed slightly which make me cracked a smile, Just hearing his laugh already lift up my world.

"No, he's your uncle. He can't take you in because he's too busy, But now he's ready to take you in. You also will have your cousin there."

"Oh, Is it he? or she?"

"It's a she, I swear you're going to love her. She really loves you, And i think you will fell jn love instantly when you meet her." He smile showing me his perfect teeth.

"Okay, Thanks harry. For everything." I kiss his lips but then he grab my neck pushing me deeper. He grab my hips and set me on his lap, He pulled away and stare at my eyes.

"I Love you." Is this real?



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