chapter 16

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Amanda's POV

I woke up to a headache. I didn't open my eyes yet, in hopes for the headache to calm down.

I heard a snore next to me. Did I just..

I finally open my eyes and sees that the sun haven't comed up yet. I lifted up the cover and saw that I was wearing a shirt. Not mine. I heard another snore.

I slowly turned around to ease the headache and I saw Harry. I smiled. He look so cute when he sleeps, laying on his stomach, arms under pillow, his curly hair everywhere in his face, a little drool come out of his mouth and snores.

I turned around again and threw the cover off me as I felt the cold floor on my feet. So cold. I looked for anything to wear and all I found was sweats. I slowly reached out for them and the socks that wasn't far away and I walked over to the bathroom.

I sat down on toilet and did my buisniess. I washed my hands and walked out again. Harry was laying all over the bed now, still on his stomach. He had his cover half over his body.

I walked out of his bedroom and walked across the livingroom and into the kitchen. I looked in the cabin for a cup so I could have some water.

Just when I was about to drink water I felt my stomach turn and I ran over to the bathroom and felt last night's drink come up and revealed them. Suddenly I was just laying there, throwing up.

When I was done I stood up again and washed my face and hands and walked out again and sees that Harry isn't in the bed anymore and the sun had revealed Itself.

I walk out of the bedroom again and see that Harry is in the kitchen. I slowly and quietly walk over and took my cup of water again and drank it up.

"Good morning." I said after I drank up the cup with water. Harry startled and turn around and gave me a smile.

"Hi, Drunkie. " He teased me.

"Oh shut up." I slightly hit his arm and walked out into the livingroom when I heard my phone ring.

I walked over and saw that my job was calling.

"Hello?" i waited for the other end to say something back.

"Hi, and where are you? did you forget that you were going to work today?" My boss sounded really angry. Shit, i forgot about work!

"I'm so sorry! I totally forgot it! I'll be there in a few minutes!" I said as I walked around in the livingroom trying to find my clothes.

"You know what? Don't bother, just sober up and be here tomorrow instead. " She said as he hang up the phone.

I stood there speechless. Not knowing what to do. I turned around and Harry stood there just in his boxers, that I haven't notice before.

"Yeah, I kind of send a message to your boss last night and told her that you were out in town with me, not knowing if you could go to work today." Harry said innocent. Trying to distract me with his abs.

"You did what?!" I felt anger boil in me and my headache didn't help much.

"You were pretty drunk last night. You couldn't even walk. Don't be mad at me, do you wanna go to work with that hangover?" He asked me and I thought about for a while and he was right.

"Thank you." I said as I shyly looked down at my feet and noticed why Harry was in his boxers.

"Do you want your clothes back?" I asked him as I looked for my Clothes.

"No, not now, it looks so good on you. You can have them if you want." He said while he walked back into the kitchen.



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