Video Games (Blackstar x reader)

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Ooooops~! Credits ! ^^ Based on a fanmade video. And it was so cool so I decided to do a one-shot ;)

Oh, @IfDarylDiesWeRiot : I'll do that request xD I'm still thinking of a nice ending for that SoulxOc one-shot. (OmD,first time. XD) Give meh taym~ xD Thanks !



Blackstar cheered,whistling happily. You sighed,frowning slightly. "Games ? Again ?" You asked. Blackstar chuckled. "Come on. You know I love these." He shrugged. You stood up from the couch,then smiled. "Well… Okay." You laughed. "Oh. Blackstar."

Blackstar blinked,looking up at you. You clutched your bag slightly,smiling. "Can you come with me later ? I have to buy something in the market." You asked politely. Blackstar made his goofy grin,smirking. "Of course." He gave you thumbs up.

The truth is,you both are together for a long time now. But something made you somehow upset. Blackstar always pay attention to his games more than you. But still,you let it slip. He's still responsible. The problem is,still. It's slowly fading. How ? Wait. You'll know later.

You just smiled,grabbing the doorknob. "See ya !" You giggled. Blackstar grabbed his game console,then waved at you. "See ya later !"

As soon as he heard the door click close,Blackstar started the game. He grinned widely,pressing on the control buttons a lot.

After two rounds of his games,a knock was heard. Blackstar groaned,pausing the game and opening the door.

"Hey !"

His bestfriend,Soul,grinned. Blackstar laughed. "Hey ! Sup ?" He smirked,inviting him inside. Soul sat on the couch. "Nothing much. I just bought a new game from that newly-opened store near here. Let's give it a try ?" Soul smirked.

Blackstar grinned,snatching the paperbag Soul was holding then took the game out. He flipped it around then read the plot and stuff,before chuckling. "Sure. 2 player ? Ha ! Get ready to lose !" Blackstar stood up,then took the disk out of it's holder. He placed it on the disk stuff in his playstation,before sitting back with Soul on the couch. Blackstar took his other console then tossed it at him,Soul successfully catching it. "Shut up. I'm better than you. I know this game !" Soul laughed. Blackstar just grinned. "We'll see about that !"

They both placed their feet on the center table,then started playing the game.


You sighed,sitting on a bench in a sidewalk. You subconsciously looked at your phone,expecting a text or call from him.

But none came.

You looked at the clock. It was already 8:30 in the night. The market's almost closed now. But you're still waiting for him,cause he might still come.

You already sent him a lot of messages. His phone was off.

Where is he ?


"Hey,your phone's blinking. Aren't you gonna take a look ?"

Soul asked. Blackstar just laughed. "Nah. It's just (y/n). Let's continue. I wanna finish this game tonight !" He smirked,taking his phone and pressing the 'power off' button. "There. I'll just say my battery died." He shrugged. Soul just grinned. "Sure. Maka's with the girls so I don't think she'll mind. Let's finish this !" He chuckled.


"Well,it's 11:00 now. I should go home."

Soul chuckled. Blackstar just grinned. "Yeah. See ya tomorrow." He gave him a high-five. Soul grinned,returning it. "Yeah. Nice game. Bye !" He went to the door,then left. Blackstar sighed,sitting on the couch.

When he sat,he suddenly remembered what you said earlier. He blinked,then glanced at the clock. 10:05. He sighed,scratching his head. "I know her. She already went home." He shrugged. "I'll just say I got tired and fell asleep."

He laid down on the couch,yawning and massaging his hand. Playing video games for 6 hours straight made his hands ache. But he was used to it.

Soon,the door opened,revealing Tsubaki. She was holding paper bags,mainly because they went shopping. Blackstar sat up,looking at her. "Hey." He greeted. Tsubaki sighed,holding a frown. "Blackstar,did you play your games all day again ?" She asked.

Blackstar nodded. "Keep quiet. (y/n) will get mad." He sighed. Tsubaki sighed also. "She won't…" She mumbled. Blackstar noticed the frown she has. He blinked,looking at her. "Hey,what's wrong ?"

Tsubaki looked at him. "Did you check your phone ?" She asked. Blackstar shook his head no. Tsubaki sighed deeply. "Look,(y/n)'s meister called me half an hour ago..." She stood up. Blackstar gave a slight nod,taking a sip from his glass of water on the table.

"She said that some thugs out there tried to rob the necklace you gave her. And tried to rape her."

Blackstar's eyes shot wide. But he kept silent. "(y/n),not wanting both to happen,tried to fight back. So the thugs took a knife… And they…

Stabbed her straight in the chest."

Blackstar almost choked on the water. He dropped the glass,shattering it to pieces as he looked shocked. "W-what…" He mumbled,stunned. "And they left her by herself. She lost a lot of blood,and died. Exactly at 10:00." Tsubaki sighed,then just went straight to her room.

Blackstar started tearing up. He looked at his phone,grabbing it and turning it on.

5 Messages and 15 missed calls. He instantly felt guilty for shutting his phone down. His thumb trembled as he pressed the messages one by one to read.

"[9:28pm] Blackstar,where are you ? "

A wave of feelings went through him as his tears started increasing.

"[9:30pm] Are you still coming ?"

"[9:38pm] Hey,answer the phone…"

"[9:45pm] Blackstar,I'm scared… There are boys following me from behind… And I have a feeling that they're staring at me for a creepy reason…"

His breathing patterns turned ragged as he started crying silently. He scrolled down to press the last message you sent when you were still alive.

As soon as he opened it,he can't help but to be speechless. Tears welled up in his eyes as he made a fist from his left hand,clenching it tightly as he got angry at himself. And regrets for thinking of lying to you about not being able to go with you earlier.

"[9:59pm] Happy 3rd anniversary !! <3 I love you,Blackstar... Always remember that.. Stay safe ! :))"

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