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harry tossed and turned on his mattress, pulling the comforters over his shoulders and screwing his eyes shut, forcing himself to fall asleep.

the steady buzz of the air-conditioning or the constant tapping of the tap wasn't what kept harry awake, he just was.

he wasn't tired, even though he slept at around four a.m. the previous day.

he was starting to question himself if he had aquired insomnia, but it was unlikely. harry always slept early; it was only recently he was keeping himself up at odd hours.

he peeked one eye open, seeing his digital clock flash one fifty in pure red, and harry internally groaned. why couldn't he just simply fall asleep? it wasn't hard.

finally, he sat upright and let his legs dangle on the edge of his bed, rubbing his eyes and instantly becoming awake. he put his feet on the floor as he stood up, shivering at the temperature of the wooden floor.

he shuffled across the room, slipping on his slippers and entering his living room of his small flat, he flickered the light open.

his coat lay on the couch alone, and harry remembered shrugging it off when he had gotten home from work and he didn't bother to hang it in his coat rack ten feet away.


harry pulled the coat on, pulling his mop of chocolate curls behind, taking the keys from the counter at the entrance of the kitchen.

he left his apartment, finding himself in a small veranda outside, and he sat down on the chair comfortably, staring at the moon dully.

harry didn't mind when another figure took a seat beside him, but judging by how long her hair was harry concluded she was girl, and a girl only shorter by a few inches.

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