So yes that just happened i thought to myself Dylan had finally asked me out even though i had only know him for a few days it felt like forever, i mean i like Dylan a lot he just makes me feel so alive and when i am with him, time truly does fly. As i was thinking about this i realized i was twirling my hair and acting like one of those girls in the movies, i giggle to myself quietly when i realized i have to go warn Matt before it is to late.

I saw Matt in the distance and felt my stomach automatically feel sick, oh fuck please god help me this is not going to be good.

"Matty i mean Matt, wow that came out wrong, Shit why am i saying all this out loud." why am i so nervous oh yeah that's right i like his family friend who i have know for i don't know a few days and is now going out with him, and it all started with me trying to get him jealous, nothing wrong with that right, who am i fucking kidding this was the worst maybe Dylan should have done this talk you know man with man.

"Ok Immi i know you are nervous, you only call me Matty when you are, spill it." Matt said raising his eyebrows.

"Ok Matt... we need to go somewhere a bit more quiet for this i mean yeah." I said my voice stuttering a bit under all of the nerves.

"Ok should i be worried." Matt said looking confused.

"No not at all come on, let go to our spot." I took Matts hand in mine and ran with his in mine dragging him to our spot to be honest i just wanted this talk to be over......

I sat down in our spot and Matt sat next to me. "ok what is up?" Matt asked.

"Alright well...... this is um going to be...... really hard to um tell you." I said stuttering and holding my stomach so i would not barf.

"Spit it out Immi." You know i hate it when you do this stuff.

"Ok i am going to start from the very start, ok so here i was so excited we had finished school for the summer when mum came home and told me the news, that we were going camping with you...... I don't really know and still don't if i was happy or sad i mean i was nervous and knowing what went down the last time our family's were together, i mean we broke up...... but i was nervous because i liked you again for the third time and i am not sure what made me really, but all is i knew is i did i liked you."

"And why is that bad?" Matty asked.

"Well it isn't but i was scared, i mean we are not 15 anymore, i mean time is just slipping by and we are so much older. You see why i was scared i mean i wasn't sure what was going to happen."

"wait so you were scared because if we started dating again, and if we were to break up it would hurt even more then the last two times because we could maybe take this a bit further."

"Yes. Ok good you understand my situation, but anyway we arrived here and everything was going so well between us and i really liked how close we were becoming again and yes i do miss our friendship, but when Chase came you seemed jealous and now i know why, you loved me and if i were you i would have reacted the exact same. We talked and i felt like the old Matty i used to know was now slowly coming back not from the player i now see."

"I am still here, i promise i have not gone anywhere and with you i still feel like that guy i was, i really like you Immi and then when you were getting close with Dylan it broke my heart." I saw a tear run down his cheek as he quickly hid it.

"you see i did all of that to make you jealous but i turned into i don't know how to say this."

"You don't have to." Matt leaned in a kissed me oh shit please no this is going to be so much harder to stop because i liked him for so long and i have just got over it.

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