Introduction: South Park x Reader

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Hello! I'm KawaiiPKenny or Julia, I love South Park, and I decided to make a account for Wattpad to write (x reader) fanfic, this is only a introduction, so it'll be short, don't worry.

M a n n e r s 

There are some sentence that only be short, if you don't know what that means, I'll explain it to you before you read my fanfic.

( Y / N ) - YOUR NAME 

Ex: Me and (Kyle)  played League of Legends last hour ago.


Ex: My dad just bought me a (Red) jacket last year.


Ex: That girl's eye color is (Light Blue) based on a Ocean.


Ex: She has very (Long) hair tied in color ribbons.


Ex: Her hair is (Blonde).

That's all, but I might update this note when I finished making a fanfiction. 

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