Sweet dreams

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"Uh, uh, Jack? A little help please... I'm kinda frozen?"

I hear a sharp intake of breath. Jack cracks up laughing.

"But you told me I couldn't peek."

Jack says meanly. I growl.

"Get over here and help me right now before I kill you! And no peeking!"

Jack stumbles over blindly. He opens his eyes, despite my protests of no peeking. He looks at me and grins. I click onto what he's thinking. Only warm love can melt ice. I blush as I see his gaze sweep over my naked body. He blushed a bit too, scratching the nape of his neck. But then he smirks. He bends down and kisses me. Fireworks explode in my mind. Next thing I know we are kissing underwater. Then I realise that we are both skinny dipping! I blush and swim away from him. Then I am frozen again. I growl I'm disbelief at my stupidness. I twist my head around, and kiss Jack. Once again we are kissing underwater. We both swim to the surface, clasped in each other's arms. We tread water, kissing. I open my eyes. Jack opens his at the exact same time. He smirks into the kiss. I blush red like a tomato.

We wash ourselves while kissing. Jack offers to wash me. I blush in embarrassment and slap him across the face. He rubs his sore face in annoyance. Well what was I supposed to do? Let him get away with that?! Well, I guess violence isn't the answer to everything...

Quite frankly this is one of the most embarrassing and awkward situations I've ever been in. When we are done, still kissing we swim to shore. We hop out quickly. Jack smirks at me.

"I know I'm attractive, but you can stop kissing me now."

He says. I gasp like someone's poked me with a hot red poker. I scurry off in embarrassment. What was I thinking?! I fume. I get dressed and sit down on a boulder by the lake. I'm almost asleep when I feel something soft pressed gently and lightly against my head.

"I love you."

That night I have sweet dreams and have the first good night sleep I have had in weeks.

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