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Ciel's  POV

"What?contract?"I said "You desire to get revenge on those who killed your parents am I right?" sebastian said "wha- how do you know that?" I asked "If you made a contract with me you can be my master and I will obey and follow your orders and I will help you get your revenge on those people " he said "what are you talking about and who are you or what are you?" I asked "I'm a demon from the other world and i feel the anger inside you and you summon me in that moment you are full of anger"he said even if I'm very confused about that moment "I will get revenge no matter what even if I need to surrender my life" I said with no hesitation "Your very interesting ,but you will offer your soul when the contract is finished " he said with a smirk "Ok I agree"I said 

"Let's make the contract but it may hurt a little" he said then he slowly grab my hand and he take one of my fingers and he placed it in his teeth they are sharp and he bite it I feel that he is sucking it to get blood then my right eye hurts and I felt dizzy then I fall down and I guess he caught me and I just saw is darkness.........otosan..okasan....

Sebastian's POV

After I bite Ciel and suck his blood he was about to fell but I caught him and placed him on his bed,I'm really shocked of the taste of Ciel's soul it was amazing that soul is what I want that soul of Ciel is very hard to find and that was the most tasty meal I've ever tasted .....this will be interesting  after I bring Ciel to his bedroom I went to the kitchen to prepare for dinner then after that I cleaned the laundry because Mey-rin made a mess again then I went to Ciel's bedroom to wake him up then I saw him sleeping like a baby It's so peaceful wait what am a saying , am I being kind to him "Ouch my head hurts like hell" I'm shocked then I immediatly walk towards him "Are you okay bocchan?" I asked "Why are you calling me bocchan?" he asked " Because your my master now and I'm your butler" I said smirking then I lowly unbuttoned his night shirt "w-w-what are you doing!?!?'' he shout blushing "I'm just helping you to remove your clothes bocchan" I said smirking he's so cute when  he is blushing what the!! what am I thinking? this is not me "Bocchan I will just prepare your bath after that you can have your dinner' i said walking to the bathroom

After preparing the bath "Bocchan the bath is ready" I said then he walk to the bathroom "Do you me to wash you?" I said teasing him "n-n-no I can do it by myself 'he replied blushing then he went to the bathroom to take a bath

Ciel's POV 

I took a bath but I'm blushing but i think he's gone now I opened the door and  no one is around then I walk towards the closet and pick some clothes and I slip my towel and it reaveled my body but I don't care because there is no one here but suddenly  someone opened the door and I was shocked when I saw sebastian standing  on the door he was shocked too to see me naked then i was about to shout  but I just felt a hand on my mouth and I can feel his chest into my back  and he slowly remove his hands and he turn back and I immediatly dressed myself even if I don't know how but he grabs my hand and helped me fix myself ' Sebastian if you will gonna go inside of my room please knock before you go inside"I said " sorry bocchan" he said " your forgiven' I said and I walk outside the room and went to the dining........

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