Chapter 17: The Understudy

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Chapter 17

Two weeks had passed. Two whole weeks. What Tayla said about how both Ethan and I would soon get along like we used to pretending that 'nothing' had even happened, well let's just say that it didn't exactly work out. We hadn't talked or even communicated in any way. Every time we we saw one another, we would simply just ignore or pretend like the other was not there or didn't even exist but it suited me just fine and I'm sure Ethan felt the exact same way.

On the bright side, Liv hadn't been at school for a full three days and counting. I seemed to be more level-headed and focused when she wasn't around because I didn't have anyone to particularly channel my anger at (if you didn't count Ethan.)

I walked to school alone, like I had been doing a lot recently. It felt weird without anyone's company and at times I even felt kind of lonely. But saying that, I was glad to have him out of my life. I seemed more focused and could think a lot more straighter when he wasn't around.

When I arrived at school for my first class of the day, I was about to doze off when Tayla elbowed me in the ribs to alert me that something was going on. "Jamie Andrews." Mrs Anderson called my name unexpectedly. I didn't have a good feeling about whatever she wanted to say to say to me. I made my way up to the front of the classroom as I heard a series of "ooh's" echo from the rest of the class members. Even Ethan looked up curiously to see what was going on.

"Mr Charlesworth would like to speak to you in is office."

Mr Charlesworth? What would he want to have to with me? To my knowledge, I don't recall anything 'bad' that I had done or that he would need to see me for.

"Did he say what for?" I asked Mrs Anderson nervously.

"If I knew Jamie, I would be telling you." She intercepted rudely in that witch-like voice of hers.

I scooted out of the classroom down the hallway to Mr Charlesworth's office. Not that I wanted to see him, but it was kind of a relief getting out of Mrs Anderson's class. Every lesson could be described as one word; boring. Most classes I could survive but whenever I had English with that witch I was always desperate to leave the classroom in a hurry.

I knocked softly on the brightly yellow painted door waiting for someone to respond.

"Hello?" I called out with no reply. It was useless and anyway, why was Mr Charlesworth so urgent to see me?

When all hope was lost his head popped out of the door.

"Jamie, please come in." The familiar by strangely unpleasant, crooked smile appeared on his face.

I followed him into the office surprised of the outburst of colours that were invading my eyes. One wall was painted a blood red colour whilst the other was a calm purple. My eyes were confused at the contrasting colours as well as the strange objects and posters that hung around the walls of his room. Most objects in his office consisted of basically every colour you could think of.

"Please take a seat Jamie." Mr Charlesworth said gently, his voice not sounding threatening in any way so I obliged.

"What's the reason for this?" I questioned once he sat down to face me. He twiddled with his thumbs nervously but managed to meet my eyes.

"It's about the school production. I recently had a call from Olivia's parents saying that she has caught a very serious viral sickness." The words prickled my ears as Mr Charlesworth spoke. So that's why she'd been absent... But why was he telling me this information? Sure I felt the tiniest bit sorry for Liv, but overall I didn't really care.

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