Itch (MakoHaru)

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Notes: LEMON. R-18 and rated M for mature scenes.


"Uugh.." Makoto scratched his upper thigh in frustration. He was training with the rest of the swim team~~ well, supposed to be. "Are you okay, Mako-chan?" Nagisa asked him. "Yeah, I'll be fine." he replied with a smile and dove into the water.

He was wrong. It only got worse.

After practice finished, Makoto immediately ran to the shower to take care of the itch. He stayed there for a long time, just scratching his leg. After Rei and Nagisa left for their homes, he was alone in the shower room.

And Haru came in.

The freestyle swimmer gave Mako a look of surprise. "Why are you still here?" he asked. "Oh, my leg's just itchy, I have to stay a bit." the orca just gave his usual smile. He hadn't actually taken a shower yet!

"Let me help you," Haruka said with a straight face and approached him.

Makoto immediately turned crimson. "U-uh n-no!! It's okay Haru!!" he immediately said, but was ignored. "It won't work unless you take off your trunks," he looked at him.

Now Makoto was really red. He couldn't say no to his friend, however, so he reluctantly pulled off his trunks. The blue-hued male began to scratch Mako's upper thigh for him, while the latter tried to hold back his pleasure-filled groans, feeling himself getting hard, when he thought he shouldn't be. Haruka scratched nearer, nearer, until his hand was on the gentle giant's throbbing length.

He sucked on it gently.

"Ha-haru?? What are you doing?" Makoto covered up his reddening face. Haru kept going.

Slowly, the dolphin moved up, to kiss him this time. Sitting Mako between his legs, he pushed his tongue into the other's mouth. The green-eyed man was still confused, but was already fully aware of what was happening.

Both were determined to give each other a good time.

As they both explored each other's mouths, Haru rubbed Mako's pecs, making him groan. He wasn't aftaid to let the noises out now. The orca carefully but skillfully took off his partner's trunks, while the dolphin was busy leaving hickeys on the other's neck. He bit down on his skin, tasting him a little. They felt themselves growning harder and harder by the minute, more anxious and excited. By the time one was ready, the other was, too.

"Haru." Makoto caught his breath and nodded.

They settled on the floor. "Are you sure, Makoto?" Haruka asked him. "Yes." he replied.

He started to thrust. Makoto started crying, but after a few of Haru's kisses, the pain in his groin turned into utter pleasure. He moaned. "F-faster, Haru!!" the bluish-black-haired boy responed with a faster rhythm. "Uhh... Hmmm." Soon they began to scream each other's names, reaching their climax, before coming into each other.

They laid on the floor. Exhausted. "I-I love you, Haru," Makoto smiled. "I-I love you, Mako." Haru replied with a genuine smile.


A/N: Lol a friend o' mine said that Haru was seme and Mako was uke, so I decided to make this lemon like that! 😂

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