Start of Konoha's Unwritten War

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-3rd POV-

Konoha's Shinobi went into their position, ready for battle. But what they don't know  is that Naruto....has already broken through their barriers/defences.

"Wow.....Did I just...walked through them?" Naruto asked standing behind the Ninjas. "W-What?! How did you?" One random Nin said but soon the defence team recovered and started the attack.

"....They just notice..." Naruto said as he ready himself for the fight until- "Ano... Jongup take care of this will you?" He announced as a wolf appeared beside him. "Why me of all the six of us? You're Damn lazy" Jongup complained, knowing how Naruto is, he just jump into action 'killing' the group of unluckly Ninjas.

Damn I pity them....


News came to the Hokage Office that they spotted Naruto in one of their defence sectors.

"So the war starts..." Minato said overlooking Konoha. "I wouldn't say that since it's only a boy and his team against us" The Saidaime, Sarutobi (I think) said in a fun-like tone. It's quite funny that Konoha is under attack by a group of seven people that evacuations is really needed.

The Council has been suggesting to have the Boy sealed or chained up somewhere to be a weapon of Konoha, at least something like that. Danzo has been trying his hardest to convince Minato to capture the Boy for the same reason, But Minato felt suspicious of Danzo ever since he became the Fourth Hokage.

Kushina was panicking on the inside, she was worried not for herself but for her lover. She knew that Minato will have to go into the battle to face the so called 'Boss' Boy. She couldn't help but worry, she just felt helpless. Kuubi isn't helping at all, Kushina is tried since Kuubi did something weird to her, Making her felt tired in the process.

She figure that Kuubi is neither following his 'Boss' orders or he wanted Konoha to fall so that he could escape.

Sarutobi exited the room to observe the situation, leaving the couple in the office to think about what to do. Kushina later decided to be with Minato on the battlefield. As soon as she opened her mouth, A voice was heard.

"This is the most awkward moment of my life"

The couple turned to face the Boy leaning against the side of the wall. Minato and Kushina went to the opposite of the room with Kunai in their hands.

"Woa, you don't have to get all fire up. I'm only here at say something" Naruto said with both his hands up, his finger pointing to Minato "You, Me, outside of Knonha" He said. Minato manage to get Naruto's message, but why?

"I don't want to destroy Konoha just yet, since I want it's leader to go down first. I wonder how Konoha's people would react" He said with a cheeky smile. "And if you don't follow me then I'll just tell my team to destroy Konoha in the matter of seconds, It's your Choice"

Minato is thinking of ways that it could benefit him going with the boy. Why? How? Where? There a lot of questions with no answers. He couldn't risk Konoha being destroyed. Mostly he is worried about Kushina, she might be attack when he's not around. "Kushina can come along you if she wants to, it doesn't really bother me that much" Naruto said like he could read Minato's Mind.

"I'll go but only if you make sure no one is harm" Minato threaten the Boy, not knowing of what the future might be but at least the villagers are alright. "Alright, I'll tell my team to not harm the people but I'm not sure for your Shinobis" Naruto answers as he prepared his spell. "What?"

"Reverse Seal: World of Makai" Naruto said as the 'Family' found themselves in a Room with Kurama laying down on his throne.

"Hm? Naruto" Kurama said as his eyes later saw the couple "Why is the Bastard Yondaime and Brat wife here?" He asked looking amused and curious of the situation before him. The couple just stood in their spot unmoving. Let's face it, when Kuubi is in front of you You should already be dead or half by then.

"We are about to have a battle, is there any Battle-Room available?" Naruto asked comfortably. -Is he crazy?! He is talking with Kurama like it's nothing!-Minato thought for a second when he looked at Naruto's attitude.

"You're luckly, I just got some random guy to fix the room you crashed more then 7 times. It should be fixed by now. Don't break it again or I'll make you fix it yourself" Kurama said, now eating his fruits place on the table near him.

"Alright, I'll be back soon so don't slack off work. I'm not doing all that fricking paperwork again!" Naruto yelled as he and his parents poof away to the Battle-Room.

-Damn....He knew....-


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