okay I know I haven't updated in awhile but it's because I have had a lot going on, but I promise you when I wake up I will write at least two chapters. but this is something that I wrote up quick and I need you guys advice.

The dream of a summer camp with the grade. We got separated boys and girls we were going into the 8th grade. But first, this is what happened. The summer when it happened I got my first, second, third, and forth kiss, by Jack Jayson. That's when it all came out Justin Bieber, my best guys friend told me he liked me, he told me Jack was a lucky guy, I thought he was joking, he than asked are you two bf and gf? I answered back in a questioning way, yes why? It seemed like he was maybe nervous? But he told me I think you're_______finish the rest. I ask him pretty? he replies simply yes very. When he told me this I was on vacation that's where I met Jakob, I asked him when he started liking me and in answer he said before I started dating Alana. (Alana Fiery that is, I was happy but sad and confused. She was one of my best friends.) I didn't want to ask you out because of our older brothers Jaxon and Frankie being friends. Jack and I didn't last long he broke my heart after a week. Justin was there with 100% support, so were my friends. Than one night as Justin, Timmy Johnson, Jake Bieber(Justin's cousin), Jessica White, Shara Fiery, Elana Monti, and I were all hanging out, I had all these questions about Justino and I went to Timmy with them. Than everyone else and by the end of the night on тυeѕday, aυgυѕт 12тн 2014, Justin and I were officially going out. It's been about 3 weeks since we have been going out. It was almost time to go back to school. One night I had this dream it was summer camp for well the school, the whole grade was there, some people I just didn't pay attention too. I scanned over the boys just to look, and my eyes landed on the popular boys I saw Ben Leffel and Noah Reggie talking, but than Noah looked and me smiled pointed and sad something to Ben; Ben looked pissed, I shook it off though. I took my eyes off of them and landed them on a type like me semi popular kids and I see my boyfriend Justin. smiling his smile and laughing his laugh. We all got assignments, first I went to the tech lab only to find Ben, Noah and Mathew Medlar, and oh did they annoy me, they kept trying to talk to me. When I was finally done, I walked out Justin grabbed me and took me in an elevator, it's like we were playing this Spy game girls vs boys. Anyway, it was like this high tech elevator, when we got off I saw food and my friends Jessica and Timmy, I sat down on a chair with Justin next to me, he put his arm around me and I hugged him tight. We talked and had a great lunch. Justin

and I went back in the elevator and he put his arm around me and held me. All of a sudden I wake up, smile and go back to sleep.

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