Little Connections

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I send a lot of messages, yet I can't look them in the eyes

Spending my time on the screen as my free time flies

I'm in my comfort zone right at the corner

So many people around, yet I'm a loner

Trapped in my own little world of comfort 

Being alone yet sharing it to millions. Is it worth?

What's the difference between experiencing a moment with friends and without them? A lot.

me being alone is not bad. Being with someone yet they make me feel alone is.

I'm not seeking attention, I just need to be with someone to co-exist

Just to be with someone and share everything they got

Because of society's rejection, I need to have the courage just to interact

From being the kid on the streets, I'm now stuck at a laptop as my center act

Starting from now, I will make the best of my day

To be with the people I don't know how long will they stay

Shutdown my Laptop, Leave my phone, step outside and make connections

The tinniest steps of connections can lead to the furthest destinations

To be at the moment where you give me the look

To cherish the moment as our heart overtook

To stop sharing to millions  of what I've done

Just  to share my time for my only one

There is a saying, ''you move or you wait for them to move''

Is it I who will move or will you move?

I will not waste my time to miss the connection

and to return to my comfort station

I will not stay behind walls and wait 

or else I will miss my chances too late

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