Chapter 1

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I sigh and look up towards the ceiling just thinking. Thinking about what today might be like but then it hits me it'll be like yesterday and the day before that and the day before that and so on. I wish I were normal but i guess I'm not. As I peel back the warm covers I'm enveloped in a shroud of cold air that makes goosebumps appear all over my naked arms. I almost feel like wrapping myself back up and never leaving my bed. ALMOST. Anyway i make my way to the bathroom to do my daily routine and come face to face with a mirror image of myself and boy do I look nasty. As I start to fix myself i see something start to move in the corner of the mirror and realise it's just another ghost. See there's a catch that comes with being me. I can see ghosts and if i touch someone I can how their going to die. Pleasant, right? WRONG. I wish all the visions and ghost would just vanish and I could finally live a normal life.

Anyway I left the bathroom and got dressed. I sluggishly made my waydown the stairs and into the kitchen where a grabbed a granola bar. I guess your wondering about  my family, they just leave me alone so I leave them alone besides my older sister moved out and hasn't talked to me and my mum in about 2 years. Then there is my mother. She doesn't talk to me anymore because she blames me that Laura moves out because of my weirdness. So I haven't seen my mother beuase she is always busy trying to distract herself with work.

Nevertheless I made my slow walk towards the hell average people call school. I honestly don't see the point for me to go I mean I'm probably gonna die sad and alone while being stalked by ghosts everywhere I go. Also there's another reason why I call school hell. It's because of all the other people that go there. Everyday it's the same routine. Get up, morning routine, walk to school, get bullied for seeing ghosts no one else can see, learn stuff taught by teachers, go home, do homework, eat tea, night routine, sleep. I know my life doesn't seem that exciting but today maybe something might be that little be different.

As i walked through the school doors i headed towards my locker. As soon as i open it i catch a glimpse of a picture on the inside of the door. It was taken about 3 years ago with my older sister Laura and my best friend Matt. Unfortunately half way through that year Matt died in a car accident. It was a drunk driver that hit him while he was walking back from seeing me. So Laura blamed me and soon after i started to see his ghost. But when i told Laura ahe immediately called me insane and immediately decided to move out.

Matt and I had been friends since nursey and i guess you could say he was more like a brother than a best friend. I felt a light tap on my right shoulder so i turned to see who it was. What i didn't expect when i turned around was to see Matt. "I knew you could see me" he whispered in a hoarse voice. "Aren't you going to say anything, Rosie?" I gulped trying to over come my nerves and the shivering my body was doing because Matt was so close and so...cold.

Let me tell you seeing your loved ones as ghosts can be pretty traumatic so this explains what happened next. Darkness consumed my vision....

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