Give me Love

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16th March 2002 at about 7pm

Daniel: Mummy how do you know if you like a girl

Maxine: You just know you'll start looking at her a lot because you think she's beautiful or she's different you just know

Daniel: But what if you don't

Maxine: Well if you really like her you'll find your way to each other

Daniel: Sam has a girlfriend

Maxine: Is that why you're asking these questions

Daniel: No

Maxine: Just because Sam has something doesn't mean you have to as well

Daniel: I know it's just everyone likes him

Maxine: I thought everyone liked you as well

Daniel: They do it's just everyone likes him more

Maxine: Popularity isn't everything

Daniel: Sam's my best friend

Maxine: Good you should invite him round sometime

Daniel: No

Maxine: Why not

Daniel: I don't know

Maxine: Ok get ready for bed then

Daniel: It's so early Sam's parents don't make him go to bed until 8

Maxine: Maybe when you're older

Daniel: But I am older I was 4 yesterday and now I'm 5

Maxine: I know try again when you're 6

Daniel: You said to try when I was 5 and now I am you won't let me

Maxine: You have school tomorrow

Daniel: No

Maxine: Yes

Daniel: But it's Monday tomorrow

Maxine: School doesn't stop just because it's Monday

Daniel: Well it should

Maxine: Get ready for bed and when you run for prime minister you can change that

Daniel: But that's boring

Maxine: Exactly now night

Daniel: But I'm not tired

Maxine: You are

Daniel: Not

Maxine: Are

Daniel: Are not

Maxine: It's am not and yes you are

Daniel: No

Maxine: If you go to sleep I'll let you have the rest of the cake for breakfast

Daniel: Night

Maxine: I thought that might change your mind night

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