H-how d-did y-you...

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After class, I walked around the castle walls. I thought about a lot of things; my biological parents, my godfather whom I call dad, my friends, Harry. But the one person that kept running through my mind was Draco. Yes. The infamous Draco Malfoy. The boy who bullied me since I got to Hogwarts. The boy who stole my first kiss. The boy who's making my heart beat fast right now.

I guess I was in really deep thought because the next thing I knew, I bumped into someone. I then realized that it was my brother and his friends.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled when I noticed Hermione's faint glare. I knew about her hatred for Slytherins so I just avoided her gaze.

"It's fine Lou." Harry said with a smile. "You were spacing out. Is something wrong?" he asked, ignoring his friends' questioning look.

"I'm fine Harry. Just... thinking." I said with a fake smile as I thought of a way to change the topic. "Where are you guys going?" I asked.

"Buckbeak is going to be executed, though I doubt a Slytherin like you would care." Hermione said smugly.

"Guys don't be so mean to her. She's a... friend of mine." Harry said. Of course he'd defend me. He is my brother after all.

"So, can I come too? I mean, if that's okay." I said. Harry nodded with a smile while the other two looked skeptical.

"I can't believe they're going kill Buckbeak! It's too horrible." Hermione complained as we continued walking.

"It just got worse." Harry said. We looked at the direction he was looking to see Draco and his cronies spying on Hagrid.

I saw Hermione's face flush in rage as she hurried out with me and the boys trailing behind her.

" Ah. Come to see the show?" Draco said as he saw Hermione. His face changed though as Hermione started screaming at him.

"You... foul... loathsome... evil... little cockroach..." she screamed, each word getting louder as Draco stumbled against a tree crossed-eyed in horror. Hermione jabbed her wand under his chin. She look like she was ready to send a spell to him when Ron stopped her telling her it wasn't worth it. When she backed away, I couldn't stand it. Instead of Hermione punching Draco, I was the one who did it. I just marched over and punched him. I didn't know what came over me. It was probably my anger or something.

After that, I just marched away, my brother and his friends following me. 

"That felt good." I breathed.

"Not good, brilliant' Ron complemented.

"Why would you punch Malfoy? I thought Slytherins were friends with each other." Hermione asked.

"Well, Malfoy's been getting on my nerves since day one." I replied. "Anyway, we've got an execution to stop." 

"How?" Harry asked. "The minister already declared it." 

"We can at least try." I said.

We went to Hagrid's hut and found Hagrid sulking. Buckbeak was chained on a pole outside and I was this close to freeing him if it weren't for Harry giving me the 'Don't-do-it-you're-going-to-get-in-trouble' look. I sighed and leaned on Hagrids table, listening to him rant.

" Ow, look at 'im. Loves the smell o' the trees when the wind blows through ‘em.."Hagrid said.

 "Why don’t we just set him free?""I asked.

" Ah- they'd know it was me. And then Dumbledore’d get into trouble. He’s commin’ down, yeh know, Dumbledore. Says he wants ter be with me when they... when it happens. Great man, Dumbledore. Great man."

  "We'll stay with you too, Hagrid." Hermione said

": You’ll do no such thing! Ya think I wan' yeh seein' sumthing like that? No. Yeh just drink yer tea an' be off. Oh, but before yeh do-  Ron..."Hagrid brought out Ron's pet rat out from a bowl.

"Scabbers! You're alive!"Ron exclaimed, taking him.

" Ye’ll want to keep a closer eye on yer pets, Ron. "Hagrid advised.

 "I  think that means you owe someone an apology."Hermione said

"Right. Next time I see Crookshanks, I'll let him know."Ron said.

"I meant me!"Hermione exclaimed. Suddenly, the flower pot on the table I was leaning on crashed. I jumped and stepped away from it. Hermione went over to the tabled and saw a rock together with the smashed pieces.

"Blimey! Wha’ was that? Hagrid exclaimed."

 " Ow! Ah"Harry hissed as he touched the back of his neck. He turned around and saw a rock. Something must have threw him at it on purpose. He looked outside and his widened. 

Curious, I looked outside and said, "Hagrid..." I gestured Hagrid to look and froze when he saw the minister.

"Oh, crikey" He exclaimed. "It’s late. It’s nearly dark.  Yeh shouldn’t be here. Someone sees yeh outside the castle this time o’ night, you'll be in trouble! Big trouble! Particularly you, Harry – Be with you in a moment! Quick! Quick!"He led us to the back door and pushed us out. 

 "Hagrid. It’ll be fine. It’ll be okay" Harry assured. 

"Go on, go on!" Hagrid exclaimed, shooing us away.We went back up to the castle and watch until the executioner killed Buckbeak. I leaned on Harry for support as tears flooded out of my eyes. He patted my shoulder and suddenly, Ron squealed.

"Scabbers, you bit me!"He exclaimed. He chased Scabbers while we tried to catch up with him.We reached the womping willow tree as Ron grabbed scabbers.

 " Harry. You do realize what tree this is..."I said. 
   "Now behave yourself." I heard Ron scold Scabbers.

 "That's not good. Ron, run!" Harry shouted as the tree started moving. 

" Harry! Hermione, Louisa, Run! It’s the Grim!" Ron exclaimed, pointing behind us. We turned around and saw a black dog with beady, yellow-eyes growling at us. He tried to attack us but we got away and bit into Ron's pants. 

" Aaaahhh! Harry!" Ron shouted as he was being dragged away. 

"Ron! Ron, wait!" Harry yelled. 


"Haaarry! Help!" Ron shouted. I tried to help m but I tripped before I could. The next thing we knew, he was gone. Harry ran up to the hole Rn was dragged to but the tree's branch suddenly hit him. Hermione was next and then so was I. We tried going down but we were to high up. I had an idea but that means risking the very thing I've been keeping my whole life.

"Hold on tight!" I shouted. 

"We wern't planning on letting go!" I heard Hermione shout. I took of my gloves and focused on my powers. I thought of everything I suffered through. It's the only way to let my powers out. I breathed in and out and felt my powers being released. The tree was being frozen and every inch of it was covered in ice. When I felt that the tree won't move anymore, I removed my hands and jumped down and put my gloves back on. Harry and Hermione was still on the branches, looking at me with their jaws dropped.

"I would hurry up if I were you. It won't last long." I said. They recovered from shock and hurriedly jumped down.

"H-how d-did y-you..." Hermione stuttered. 

"No time to explain. We've got to save Ron." I said.

I turned to the tunnel on the womping willow and asked, "Where do you think that leads to?" 

"Who knows." Hermione commented.

"There's only one way to find out." Harry said.

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