Can't Deny The Attraction.Chapter 19.

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Chapter 19

*Drama with a capital D *

I wake up to a pounding headache.

God what the hell happened last night?

I get up out of bed and as soon as Im stood up I feel giddy and feel like throwing up. I hastily sit back down onto the corner of my queen sized bed,trying to settle my pounding head down.

As soon as my head settles down I check the time,sighing in relief that I have an hour to be ready and on time for school.

I get up and go to the bathroom,still feeling lightheaded.

I look in the mirror to see if my appearance matches my mood.

Unfortunately,it does,I have dark patches underneath my eyes,indicating lack of sleep.Dilated pupils with blood shot eyes and My face looks a ghostly pale,I've never looked this bad since getting dressed up for Halloween,though the sight of me now is more terrifying.

I have a shower,trying to make myself look better and less scary,it didn't work.

I still look like shit,and my moods not improved either.

I dry my hair and put it up into a messy pony tale.I put concealer under my eyes to hide the dark patches but it doesn't work at all,it just makes it look worst than before.

I at least need to wear something good to make up for the way I look.

I get on denim skinny jeans and a blue tank top with a white tee underneath and black boots,at least my outfit is better than my mood.

I grab my school bag,bending down,when suddenly I feel bile rise in my throat with a bitter taste.

I rush to the bathroom and I release all my stomach contents into the toilet,flushing the chain and then wiping my mouth and brushing my teeth,getting rid of the sickly taste.

What the hell caused me to be like this ?,am I just ill ?

Nah ,I don't normally feel like this when I'm genially unwell.

I just need to hide my eyes,grabbing a pair of black shades,I put them on.Actually they don't look too Bad,they actually look kinda hot.

Going downstairs,I decide to skip breakfast with the way I'm feeling,I'll probably be sick again and I don't want that.

I bet mum and dad have gone again,it wouldn't surprise me,I remember the argument we had last night and me going off at them,I kind of feel guilty for the things I said but they ought to know what I really think and feel,plus the the positives outweigh the negatives about If I should of been so mean to them.

I just hope they take my advice and spend more time with Millie and Ronan,they both need their parents,just like I used to.

Going through the kitchen I see that my parents are having breakfast at the table.

Wow so they actually stayed,well there's a change.

I bet they'll be off again to wherever by the time I get back from school.

"Morning honey,do you want a ride to school ?"Mum asks with a hopeful smile.

I know she's trying,but she's never really bothered before,so what's changed?

And I know in my heart I can't forgive them.Whether I can in the future I'm not sure of.

"Nah,Im cool.I can drive."I answer heading to the door trying to make a fast exit.

"Erm,don't you need breakfast?"Dad asks unsure.

I nearly laugh,dad unsure,well there's a first,I think my outburst last night really shocked them,it's like they're treading on eggshells.

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