*** Summer ***

'Good morning/afternoon/evening,

MACGON would like to invite you to there tour beginning on the 1st March to the 1st October.

Before Summer had issues with her family about the age of the boys so i have written them down for you.

Cameron Dallas - 19

Taylor Caniff - 18

Jack Johnson - 18

Carter Reynolds - 18

Matt Espinosia - 17

Jack Gilinsky - 17

Shawn Mendes - 16

Nash Grier - 16

Aaron Carpenter - 15

Hayes Grier - 14

If you have any problems or questions about the tour please call 1874 345 445.

Thank you.

P.s i have attached the tour schedule to the back.


Tour! Bailey and mines first tour.

All i want to do is run over to his house but a 4 days ago he left and hasn't come back. I have had the few odd text from him saying.

'Hope you are safe. x'


'Im sorry just need to think about things.'

What was there to think about? Yes i had a sister who is the same ages as me but isn't my twin, why is this so hard for him?

I slid the paper back into the envelop and went to Mollys room. We have become really close and act like we have know each other for the hole of our life.

"Hey Mol?" i say walking into her room.

"Hey what's up." she asks. How was i suppose to tell her i was leaving for 8 months?

"Urm well have you ever heard of MACGON?" i ask.


Full on fan girl...

"Well i just got invited to tour with them" i say looking at my hands.

"Oh MY GOD!" she squelse.

"Yeah but there is one thing?" i stop her from screaming.

"What?" her smile drops.

"It's for 8 months."

"Oh." she sits down.

We say nothing for a while before i wraps my arms around her and hug her.

"I'm sorry." i whisper.

"No this is amazing!" she pushes back and trys to be happy.

"Have you told Bailey?" i hear Lilys voice come from the door.

"No. I'm going to head over in a minute." i scratch the back of my neck.

I scramble off Mollys bed and go to my room. I'm already dressed so i pull out my white low converse and head to the door.

As i walk across the green i clutch the envelop in one hand and my other hand is in a fist. I'm so nervous. I have never felt like this going to Baileys before.

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