Part Nine

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(Bones – Ginny Blackmore)

April 26th

“Half way. We are half way done with this album. This call’s for a celebration” I cheered as I ran out of the booth. We had officially completed 7 out of 14 songs off of my album and I was stoked. We had been working non-stop towards this album and we were finally getting someone. “I’m so proud of you” Hanna smiled, pulling me in for a hug, “This defiantly calls for a celebration. Shall call the boys and tell them party at the house tonight?” she smiled, nudging me with her shoulder. “Hell yes” I cheered, we both burst out laughing.

“Party. Party. Party” Hanna cheered as she ran into the house, I was laughing head off as I followed closely behind. “Elsa” Michael yelled, running towards me and engulfing me into a hug before pushing me away and attacking Hanna with kisses. “Ew” I joked, walking into the kitchen, giggling as I walked, Ashton nodding as he and Like followed, leaving the two love birds alone.

“Where’s Cal?” Ashton asked after moments of silence. I looked up at him confused, my eye’s traveling to Luke then back to Ashton, both eyes on me. I shrugged, looking back down at the sandwich I was making, “I’ve been at the studio all day. I was texting him before and he said he was with yous” I looked up at them, they looked at each other before looking at me, confusion covered their faces. “He hasn’t been with us all day. We thought he was with you” Luke said, I nodded slowly before picking up my phone.

“Hey babe” Calum cheered as he picked up, “Where are you?” I asked, looking back at the boys, “I’m with the boys. We’re just at the studio working on stuff” he answered, I nodded slowly, my stomach suddenly feeling sick and my mind going blank, tears brimming in my eyes. I turned away from the boys, shaking my head. “Oh okay. Well, um. We’re celebrating tonight. Got half my album done. See you then bye” I said as I hung up the phone, slipping it into the back pocket off my jeans. The rest of those few moments were a blur, all I know is, I ended up in my bed, but I didn’t take myself there.

“Elsa. Please talk to me” Calum half whispered as he sat on the edge of the bed. I looked up at him, tears running down my cheeks. “Where were you?” he let out a sigh, running his hands through his hair. “I was…I was…” he sighed again, standing up and walking over to the window. “I can’t tell you” he sighed, looking over to the window. I shook my head, slowly getting up out bed, grabbing a jersey, slipping it over my head. Without a word, I slipped on my shoes, grabbed my phone and keys and walked out the door.

I didn’t know where I was going, but I just kept walking. This is how it had been for a while now. Calum and I would get into a fight. There was never any yelling involved, but lies were unravelled and truth was told. One of us would leave for a walk, usually me, to clear the head and when I returned home, all was good. But I was getting tired of the lies and the fights. All I wanted was love, I feel like he barely knows I’m there. He doesn’t treat me like he used to. I give him the world and it feels like he doesn’t give me a thing.


“Hey babe” I smiled as I walked into the lounge, Jeff sitting on the lazy boy facing the TV. He let out a groan, his eyes stuck on the TV, the light illuminating his face. “Get me a beer” he huffed, I looked at him confused but nodded my head slowly. “Here” I half whispered as I handed him the beer. He snatched it out of my hand, causing me to gasp. He didn’t even say thank you, no acknowledgement or anything. I slowly made my way up to bed. I pulled the covers up around myself, looking at the time it was 11:56pm and Jeff still hadn’t come to bed. I sighed as I closed my eyes, letting sleep take over.

This is how it was for the next few weeks. It was like he had forgotten all about, no ‘I love you’s’, no kisses, no hugs. He would sit in front of the TV, demanding beers and food. He would fall asleep on the couch, his side of the bed left cold and empty. Gone before I woke up and drunk before I got home. Tonight was the same and I was sick of it, so I just left.

“Elsa?” a confused looking Ashton opened the door. “Hey” I half smiled, he smiled, opening the door wider for me to come in. “What’s up?” he asked, plopping down on the couch, patting the spot next to him for me to sit down. “I give him the world. And he gives me nothing” a single tear rolled down my cheek. “I’m getting married in less than two months. Two months Ash and he had forgotten I even exist” More tears had started to fall as Ashton pulled me in for a hug. “I can’t do this anymore” I whispered through the tears, Ashton kissed the top of my head and I just let the tears fall.

After an hour of talking, I made my way home. Sighing as I walked through the door, a mad looking Jeff standing there with his arms crossed. “Where have you been?” he yelled, “I went for a walk” I shrugged, walking past him. He grabbed my arm, spinning me back around, “let me go” I hissed, pushing his hand off me. “What’s your problem?” he asked, a slight smirk on his lips. “What’s my problem? You’re my problem” I hissed, crossing my arms. “I wish that you could see who I really am. It sucks being a woman, in love with an unkind man, cause baby I would give you the world, In fact, I already do. And how do you repay that? Talk to me like I'm just a regular tramp tryna screw you over, do you even have a clue what I gave up just to be here, to serve your ass with steak and beer?” I yelled, he took a step forward. “You need me” was all he said, I let out a slight chuckle, shaking my head.

I ran upstairs, shoving all of my belongings into suitcases, grabbing everything last thing I owned. “Where are you going?” Jeff asked as I walked down stairs. Placing the suitcases down, I slipped of the ring and handed it back to him, walking towards the door. “It’s over Jeff” I said as I opened the door, looking back at him, confusion and anger on his face. I sighed, saying one last thing before I walked out the door and never look back. “Cause boy I need love I don't get enough and all I've ever wanted was for your damn arms to put themselves around me”

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