Thor and Loki

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"Hahaha!" Venus laughed

"What is so funny?" Aphrodite says.

"You know what I just realized that I'm dating a greek love god? Aphrodite's boyfriend Thor said.

"Oh yah and I'm dating a Roman love god!" Loki says.

Loki and Thor were twins, its comical because they are actually brothers in the movie. They both dated Venus and Aphrodite, they also were adam's older brothers at the age of 20. they were councilors to. Wait if I married Adam and they married their brothers we would be sister in laws! Wait why would I think that, ugh ever since I kissed him or he umm kissed me. I can't stop thinking about him!!

"Oh and you know I'm dating an evil villain!" Venus says.

"And I'm dating a superhero!" Aphrodite beams.

"Hey whatcha ya thinking about Serenity, a certain Blondie that happens to be the brother of my boyfriend named Adam?" She says wriggling her eyebrows.

"What, Hell no!" I lie.

"Thats a shame cause I was thinking about you," says a voice behind me.

Turning around I see Adam and fore some reason I start blushing like crazy.

"That is the first time you have ever blushed Serenity!" Aphrodite shouts.

"Way to point it out," I mumble when I hear a roar of laughter from behind me.

"Never blushed? I am starting to think god forgot to give you a love life!" He says

"yeah and I'm starting to think god forgot to give you a brain!" I said kneeing his balls.

"God dammit girl you are something," he wheezes out falling onto the ground holding his crotch.

"Thats what they all say," I reply

"So you have kicked others crotches?"

"Yep don't mess with me." I beam

Looking over I saw Venus and Loki have matching tattoos saying "You're my back bone and my corner stone, like a drum baby keep on beating"

Maybe some day I will have boyfriend but the only person who seems interested in me is the sorry excuse for a life guard...though he has a nice six pack and he stole my first kiss and he made me blush...snap out of it Serenity!

"You think I have a nice six pack?" A husky voice says in my ear

Wait did I just say that ouloud?!


I am so screwed

"That you are,"

Then he start kissing my neck like butterfly and out the blue I moan. I push away to see four very amused glances given that adam is behind me smirking.

"Did I just do that?!"

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