chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Survival of the fittest

The second time I woke up, I thought it was still night time but then yesterday’s events replayed in my head and realization dawned upon me that I had no way of telling the time- I was still in the sewer. Remembering about my infected foot, I quickly shone the torchlight onto it. Holly…The infection was gone and there was no traces of scar or any other sign that I had injured my foot badly yesterday. The hole was even gone!

“Am I dreaming?” No, you’re not little one. It was I who healed you, after all I cannot let our body be damaged. We are still young. Shivers ran across my spine and I felt the voice emphasizing on “our”. Well, thank you I guess? No need, thanking means owing a favor and unless…

“No, we have been through this yesterday, I am not becoming a ‘whole’ with you!” Well…well…too bad. Then, the voice left me alone.

Okay, first I need to know what I had. Taking out the torchlight, I emptied the contents of the bag pack onto my lap so that they will not be dirtied by the moist and soggy ground. I should thank Lily that she actually prepared a lot of useful items I had; a compass, new set of clothes in a plastic bag, a digital watch (I can finally read the time!), ten energy bars, the band aid kit I found yesterday, a swiss army knife (for protection I guess), two flasks of water, a cap and a…gun?! Wait, a knife I understand, but…gun? I don’t even know how to equip myself with a gun? Should I…

“No, it’s for my own protection,” I told myself firmly. At the corner of I eye, I noticed an envelope stuck in between the band aid kit and the plastic bag of clothes. Ripping off the envelope, I poured its contents and found six fifty dollar bills and a letter. I started reading the letter.

Dear Luna,

I know you may have many questions with little answers but I want to tell you that you should trust your instincts. You are not safe now. Hunters are coming after you and I need you to be strong. Go to this address; Bornview avenue 10 road 16 # 01-133. This will be your temporary sanctuary. Be safe. Keep a low profile.



At least, I have a direction to go to now. There was only myself to count upon. I looked at the digital watch and it read 5.10 a.m. Good, it’s pretty early so that meant that I could leave and blend in the streets with no witnesses. I mean only few people woke up that early. Hurriedly, I changed into a new set of clothes and left the old ones, I don’t think anyone would find it. Even if they did, I would be long gone. Luckily, I had a small appetite and one energy bar could suffice for the whole morning. Purposely hiding long hair under the cap and lowering it down my eyes, I started walking. In a few meters I found a staircase and proceeded to climb the stairs. Shit! I tried opening the door but it wouldn’t open. I put my whole body weight against it and pushed but unfortunately nothing happens. That is because dear, you’re not using your strength at all…

“What strength?” You are stronger than this door…clear your mind of any thoughts and let your body do the talking.

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