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we both made our way to the front door, I called for Theo.

"Theo boy! were are you!" I shouted.

it was quiet, then I heard thundering paws running down the stairs.

"come here!" I called to him.

Theo joined us on the venture into the world, we didn't know what to expect.


we walked down our old streets, Jeremy's used to be gorgeous; 2 story houses and white picket fences, someone always had a pool.

but now it was empty, forgotten cars in ditches and in driveways and the white fences broken and black from ash, there was a small lump in the distance.

"stay here.. I'll check it out" I hesitantly said and crept up to the motionless lump in the road, my knife in hand.

I saw some blonde locks of hair, fanned across the hot road.

there was a putrid smell of decaying human, I saw the body better.. it was a child; a little girl in fact.

"oh god.." I sobbed and covered my mouth, she had gun shots in the temple and neck.

I bent down next to her and took the hair off her pale face, she looked around 6 years old.

she had a beautiful blue and pink striped dress on and a backpack laying next to her, it read 'Sarah'.

I felt the tears swell up in my eyes, as well as the anger build up inside of me.

"you poor darling.." I said through my teeth and stood up, holding my stomach. "it shouldn't of been you" I hissed again and headed back to Jeremy.

"what was it?" he said breathless, I wiped the tears away.

"a little girl, Sarah.." I said and helped him stand straight, his fatigue made him look older than he really was.

"really.." he paused, "this is horrible.." he carried on.

"I know, but least she doesn't have be scared anymore.. right" I said squeezing his hand.

Jeremy winced, "that's right baby" he said and kissed my forehead, "now can we find somewhere to rest?" he joked.

I smiled slightly, "of course.. come Theo" I said and headed to the nearest house.


' house 454 huh.." I sighed, Jeremy was getting sleepy.

he mumbled something, "yes please" I laughed and went up to the door and knocked.


I tryed again..

still nothing..

"okay.. go in, Jeremy wait here k.. Theo look after him" I ordered and opened the door slowly.

I peered into the house, the first place I saw was the kitchen; then a awfully unsettling groan.

I glanced back at Jeremy who had propped himself up on the mailbox.

"I'll be back" I mouthed and crept into the house.

I heard the groan again, this time a lot closer.. in the kitchen; I was sure of it.

my heart skipped a beat;  there standing at the kitchen sink was a walker.

it was wearing a pink ankle height nighty and worn out slippers, it had thin white hair and bite marks all over its face.

I assumed it was a old lady, but didn't have the guts to kill her.

then I realized she was gone, she wouldn't even feel it.. right?

but I had to do what was best for Jeremy and I, I had to kill her.

I gripped my knife tightly and crept quietly into the kitchen, the sudden jolt of fear rushed through me.

'stay calm jade.. just kill it.. okay..'  I thought to myself and took a deep breath, I stood up slowly.

" oi! maggots for brains!" I yelled, it turned around and eyeballed me.

her eyes were black, and she had flesh stuck in her teeth.

"yes you!" I yelled again.

it bared its rotten teeth at me and stumbled my way, I tightened my grip on the knife and held it up.

she got closer, but still to far away to attack first.

I just reached for her temple when she fell over, her sharp nails clawing at my ankles.

I screamed a little and brought the knife down, straight into the back of her head.

the walker groaned one last time before I removed the knife, it was dead.

I loosened the grip on my ankles and went back to the front door, "Jeremy! you and Theo can come in!" I shouted.

Jeremy opened his eyes, he was gonna pass out any minute.

Theo came charging in to snoop the rest of the house while I helped Jeremy put one foot in front of the other.

when we got inside I shut the door and put all the locks on, Theo was barking up stairs.

me and Jeremy stumbled up the stairs, there was a attic.

"we'll be safer up there just for tonight.. but tomorrow we move.." I said to Jeremy, who just nodded and pulled himself up the ladder.

I followed him up and pulled Theo up by the collar, I was shocked when I saw the boxes labeled "FOOD" .


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