Maid For Him

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Abigail Bleu, Abby, for short. I don't have any parents anymore, they died in a car crash and left me with my aunt Laura. My aunt, well she's probably the scariest lady you'll ever see in your entire life. She looks mad every time, even though she is not. Curlers on her hair, she wears different kinds of long dresses, and an old slippers. Always with her, is her fan and a cigarette. She always wear makeup on and I don't know why? But she's also a good aunt, well, sometimes. She gives me money if I need something for school. She's running a business, a small restaurant, near our house.

Should I explain how I look? Maybe not? Okay, I got pimples on my face , my hair, well it looks like, I haven't washed or combed it for months. I wear weird clothes to.

I gotta be honest, I'm good in school, that's why the University of London gave me a scholarship at their school. Well, my aunt, agreed to this, but she still want me to help her in her business, as a waitress.

While I'm still in school, I searched for another job, just to add on my savings for my future, and also, so I won't ask money anymore to my aunt.

And because of that job, I met the craziest and dangerous guy ever.

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