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We were all in absolute hysterics when we pulled up next to Emma's car and jumped out. Feeling incredibly aware of my heavily slit legs and arms I looked around to Rupert for reassurance, though it was not wise to compare oneself to others I often found myself doing it. Emma's legs were so long and tanned and perfectly smooth, Bonnie's stomach looked so clean and radiant in her gingham check crop top and Evanna's pale yet healthy arms looked so nice with her coral pink top.

Heading off to the beach me and Aston didn't say a word. I walked down with Rupert and Oliver. We joked about how the beaches abroad were so perfect and pristine yet we were here looking disheartened by the swarm of stones that littered the beach until it met with the dark grey water. Seemingly, we all let our minds wander to golden sand beaches with cute jetties and turquoise blue waters. Probably, sat there with gorgeous girls in bikinis. In my head I saw me and Aston in happier times gently laying next to each other. I felt so guilty for suggesting he was just in the relationship for sex- I knew he loved me. I know everyone knew I was joking but still.

Arriving at the beach Matt, Tom and Aston who had walked down together, flung their clothes off so they were just in swimwear and ran straight into the shit stained water. I knew they would have been talking about me and some other rubbish but I didn't care. Devon, Dan and James walked with the girls down to the area, the boys had chucked there clothes. We stopped when we reached them. Emma was protesting that she didn't want to be seen taking her clothes off despite the bikini underneath- she was trying to persuade Dan and Devon to hold a towel like a screen but they had declined. Bonnie and Evanna had gone for it and ran in with Dan. Everyone was now in except me and her.

"I might go up to the car and flick my clothes off there." I stated laughing

"Yeah same. It's not that long of a walk back is it" Emma smiled and we headed back up to the cars.

"Bry your so brave!" Emma smiled seeming in awe

"Really?" I asked confused

"I could not do what you did or what your doing. The thing about pretty girls don't cut is obviously a lie!" Emma spoke gently

"How did you find that out Emma!" I exclaimed

"Bry look at yourself you are so pretty!" She answered firmly so I felt as though answering back was not a option. Between us we only had the keys for Emma's car so we both chucked off our shorts and tops in a cramped little car but that was just us really. I looked at her in a leopard print bikini. She looked stunning how was she single! My bikini literally forced my tits on show and was incredibly low, I contemplated wearing a t shirt over top when some random boys walked by and wolf whistled.

"Twats" Emma laughed as we headed off to the sea. "Do I look like a slut?"

"Umm Emma- have you seen me!" I laughed

"Bry you look fine anyway you can pull it off you have the figure for it" she smiled cheerily.

"Hardly" I retaliated but we had rounded the corner to the beach. The silhouettes in the water were splashing about, they looked like they were having so much fun! I was deciding weather to actually get in the water they all looked so cheery I would probably just make it incredibly awkward. My black hair was in a messy bun situated on top of my head and my fingers twisted awkwardly stretched across the etchy writing cut into my skin proudly adorning 'fat'.

I watched as Emma kind of skipped into the sea, she splashed over to the big group who were now all looking at me casually stepping slowly over the pebble carpet. Reaching the edge still tightly wrapped up in my tartan blanket I dipped my toes in the water, it was ice cold! I was staying on land in my blanket! Devon splashed some water up at me, gently so not to kick any stones I kicked some in his direction before retreating a few paces and sitting down in a rare sandy patch.

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