Chapter three explain

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Deans POV: "so where have u been all night" Sam said raising his eyebrows several times.

"I feel asleep outside" I said trying to hide the truth.

"Liar." Sam said "I know u slept with someone. Tell us who was it"

"Devon lilah" I Answered

"No really" sam said thinking I was joking. "Who was it"

"Devon lilah" I say walking into my room.

"Devon lilah the singer" Sam asked

"That's the one"

JESSIS POV: When I get home it's all down hill. I had to come home to the nasty comments calling me a liar and an attention whore for obvious reason because of this guy who raped me and for cutting myself. The last thing I needed was them to find out I slept with someone. They'd call me a liar on the spot.

Several weeks later...

All I've been doing for the last two or three weeks is puke. I called over my friend Jenna mourey. Or marbles. Jenna marbles.

She came as one of her "three looks" today it was the 12 year old boy.

"Did u bring it" I ask her. She hands me the bag. I've never seen her so quiet before. After I pee on the stick I let it sit.

"It must be pretty awkward to pee on a stick" jenna said in her normal cocky way. I laugh

"What u never done it" I said

"Me no. Well not when I was sober"

I cover the stick with my hands. So I can't see the plus sign. I let jenna see it first so I don't have to. Then I look.

I'm pregnant.

Oh shit this is bad. I start freaking out then crying. Jenna hugs me tight . How am I going to do this. How am I going to tell luke. No no no. This can't be happening. I'm only 20 years old. OMG deans 26 years old.

"When are u telling dean" jenna asked.

"Never. I will just stay away from him and he'll never know." I exclaimed.

"Jessi you know you can't do that. You have to tell him" jenna said.

"I know. I just don't want to." Then I came up with a plan "I got his number I could talk to him at lunch."

She agrees with me. They'll stay there while I go to lunch.

I call dean "hey it's Devon" I say

Dean:oh heh Devon

Me: can we meet up for lunch

Dean:let me check

Me: ok


Dean: yeah I can go. Where do u want to meet.

Me: maybe red Robbin or bazils or the Cheesecake Factory

Dean: I like bazils

Me: see u soon.

Dean:see you soon

I leave the house to meet luke. When I see him I wave. I'm wearing a red tank top and shorts with converse. He was wearing his Leather jacket

"Hey" I said. "Hey" dean said. I have to admit things were kinda awkward.

We get a table outside. "So what been up" I ask trying to start conversation.

"Nothing much I've just been doing concerts and stuff next thing u know it I'm back here." Dean answered "how about you"

"Well I was sick and hanging out with friends" I said. How will I do this

Deans POV: she was still beautiful and I still think I'm inlove. But she's hiding something I know it.

"Dean remember that night we met." Devon said. I node my head and I knew she was talking about the sex.

"What if I were pregnant" she said. I laugh.

"That's something we don't have to worry about." I said "your not pregnant right"

"No" she laughs.

DeVons POV: what have I done. I'm pregnant and I know he won't want anything to do with it.

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