Hey, guys, I am back with chapter 3. In this chapter, Tails finds out that Sonic is a famous hero and that Sonic would do anything to keep him safe. However, he also finds out that Sonic will not always be safe himself. Also, sorry for the long wait, the internet has been down for ages and only got it back up last week so again I am truly sorry. Anyway here is chapter 3.


Chapter 3: Tails finds out that his brother is a hero

The next morning Sonic is the first to wake up, he looks down and sees Tails curled up in a ball on his chest. Sonic smiled to himself and decided to stay there until Tails woke up. After about 10 minutes Tails began to stir and then he looked up at his older brother and Sonic smiled.

"Morning little bro. Did you sleep well?" Sonic asked

"Yeah, I slept well." Replied Tails

 "That is good to hear." Said Sonic

Then he and Tails got out of bed and went down the stairs into the living room. When they got down there Sonic sat on the sofa while Tails sat on his lap.

"So Tails do you wanna know why I am like I am?" Asked Sonic

"I would love too big bro. Tell me everything that you remember." Replied Tails happily 

"Well, what do you want to know first: How I became the fastest thing alive or how I became a hero?" Asked Sonic

Tails thought about the question for a few minutes. "Um... How you became the fastest thing alive first please bro."

"OK then. The fastest thing alive story it is: Well to be perfectly honest with you Tails I actually have no idea how I became the fastest thing alive, I guess the more I ran the quicker I got and eventually became as quick as I am today. However, there are 2 good things about that." Explained Sonic

"What are they Sonic? Please tell me..." Begged Tails

"Alright Tails calm down... I am getting to that... Anyway, the good things are that the more I run and quicker I will become and the second is that I can faster than the speed of sound so basically I break the sound barrier and create a sonic boom." Said Sonic

"Wow Sonic, I guess I have someone special to look up too huh?" Replied Tails

"Yeah, you do Tails. Now, do you want to hear on how I became a famous hero?" Asked Sonic

"Oh yeah, Sonic tell me all about it." Said Tails excitedly

"Well, the hero part is linked to your nightmare Tails." Said Sonic anxiously

"Just tell me about it big bro please?" Asked Tails with a hint of annoyance in his voice

"OK, so the furthest back I can remember, 7 years back. Basically what happened was that I was on a run through mystic ruins and I ran into the man who had a bald head and had a very long moustache and was flying in some sort of machine. He said his name was Ivo Doctor Robotnik but that was too long for me so I just called him Eggman which he hated at the start but now he has gotten used to it as me and him battle a lot." Explained Sonic

Sonic then continued: "However now that I have you to look after you will have to stay here because it is too dangerous for you out there and Eggman can do crazy things sometimes, I have learnt that from past experiences. Back to the point, you are to stay here because I don't want him knowing about you until you are old enough to help me fight. Will you promise me Tails to stay out of trouble?" He asked

"Yes, Sonic I promise to stay out of trouble." Replied Tails

"Right since you know about my past, I think me and you should go and have some fun and then when we get back can you tell me everything about your past please little bro?" Sonic asked calmly

"Of course big bro it only seems fair to do so. So where are we going?" Asked Tails with curiosity 

 "We are going to the park but first let me get something." Said Sonic as Tails got off his lap and Sonic zipped upstairs.

While Sonic was upstairs he searched for something for him and Tails to use while they are at the park. After about a minute of searching, Sonic found a red frisbee. Sonic then went back downstairs and handed Tails the frisbee.

Tails looked at it with curiosity before Sonic broke the silence: "That is a frisbee Tails, we will be using that to have fun while we are at the park."

"Well, what are we waiting for let's go." Said Tails happily as he jumped onto Sonic back and in a split second, they were off.


Well, that is it, guys... That is the end of chapter 3. Next chapter should be up by the end of the week. That is where we join the two brothers at the park and also when Tails reveals his past to Sonic.

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