Fate and Destiny


Casificent followed the group of Faithe Holler as they creep their way through the Infested cities of Hoolsue and to New York. Valentine had sent some of her Connected to spread the Connection in other continents so by the time the group of Faithe arrived in New York, there was already a bunch of Connected in the area.

Casificent stayed on rooftops as it shadowed their steps. Its heightened senses aided it in planning on how to infiltrate their group to consume the key to unlocking its Swarm’s full capacity.

“Look, we have exactly 7 minutes and 43 seconds before they come back from the routine around the whole building.” Casificent heard Castor Bloodwealth as he checked his digital watch. The Prime Mutated smirked because his calculation was a little bit off by a couple of seconds.

The Prime Mutated checked the rifle it stole a couple of hours ago from a group it Mutated. It was about to check its bullets as it watched them sneak into the grocery.  It took the 3 of them exactly 5 minutes and 48 seconds to grab exactly what they needed. They were almost across the street when Osiris Holler idiotically stepped on an empty can and attracted the already coming Connected.

Unlike the belief of Castor Bloodwealth, the Connected have heightened senses and their eyes are almost sharper than that of eagles’. But because of the order of their Mistress Valentine, it seemed to all UnInfected across the planet that although the Connected are much more coordinated than the other 2 Viral Armies, they are much more weaker…of course, they aren’t.

The 3 of them froze and waited for the sounds of the coordinated running of the Connected. Casificent saw Osiris pull out his gun but Castor stopped him. “No! The loud sound will attract more of them.”

“Where should we go? Aren’t we supposed to just stop ‘cause they wouldn’t see us?” Faithe asked as she tried to conceal the fact that her backpack was too heavy for her.

Casificent rolled its eyes as it heard the misinformed speech of Castor about the Connected. It watched them talk some more before they resorted to hiding inside a dumpster. Casificent moved ahead of them and jumped skillfully from rooftop to rooftop. It arrived at an almost empty parking space of an apartment building. There was a group of guys who were having a meal together, their weapons haphazardly strewn all around them. Casificent Mutated the group of impeccably gorgeous men in just about 2 minutes tops that they didn’t even had the time to flinch.

“Did you see a group of men with a woman?” Casificent asked 2 of the fresh Mutated before it made the others scatter away.

“Yes. They didn’t trust us so they stayed upstairs.”

Casificent smiled before it ripped them open and sprayed their blood all over the floor behind the only car in the parking space. It consumed the chunks as if they were some delicious delicacy before it grabbed its rifle and propped itself on top of a huge pipe just under the ceiling. Casificent waited until the trio arrived and saw the mess it created.

“Where are they?” Casificent heard Faithe’s irritating voice as their heavy feet thundered throughout the floor.

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