Don't Look Part 2

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*Harry's POV*

I woke up to Louis struggling around, kicking at the sheets and sweat trickling down his forehead. It was already about 10 o'clock, so there was enough light coming through for me to tell that he was still asleep. His face was scrunched up and he was saying something but I couldn't tell what it was.

"Sostop! nno No! soffie I'm srary!" Louis moaned still thrashing around.

'Who was he telling he was sorry to?' I wondered. I decided he was just having a nightmare so I sat up and leaned over him, pinning his shoulders down in attempt for him to be still.

"Louis." I shook him, "Louis!" I called a bit louder, rubbing his face.

Slowly his eyes blinked open and he was talking clearer, "I'm sorry! D-don't hurt me! I'm sorry! Sorry sorry! Pleaseee! St-stop!" he begged.

"Louis! Louis you're alright! It's just me, Harry. You're ok. You were just having a bad dream baby." I tried to calm him down, running my fingers through his soft brown hair. He was still whimpering, eyes wide, and not calmed down yet.

"Shhh baby. Its alright. Shhhh." I cooed, pulling him in closer. He buried his face into my chest and I began to feel wet trickles run down my naked torso.

I pulled back some to look at his face, and more specifically into those pretty blue eyes that seemed to put me in a trance. "What is it baby?" I questioned, pushing the fringe out of his eyes.

"C-can't go back. Don't make me go back!" Louis cried.

"Go where sweetie? No ones making you go anywhere. It's ok." I reassured.

He still didn't settle down, "H-he's gunna be so mad w-when h-he doesn't find me! It's all my f-fault! I'm such an i-idiot!" Louis sucked in a breath and continued. "M-mmy p-parents can't afford i-it! I h-have got no money to give h-him. I'm so stupid. S-tupid stupid. Worthless! Stupid!" He sobbed.

I got a little riled up, "You stop that right now!" I demanded, pointing a finger in his face. He cowered away, pressing back into the bed. "I don't want to hear another single word about you being worthless, stupid, or anything!" I continued.

"Ugly too..." he murmured under his breath.

My eyes got darker. I wasn't necessarily angry at him for saying those things, but furious at whomever made him think it.

"Louis, you listen to me. You are none of those things, not even in the slightest! You are very smart and bright, you're super kind and innocent, and you, Louis, are the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on." I spoke truthfully, hoping it would get to him some. "Not to mention those curves and 'mmm' dat ass baby." I added smugly.

He blushed deeply but saddened again. "How could you think of me as beautiful Harry? I'm so short and those aren't curves, it's fat. Is short and fat what you find attractive Harry?" Louis sighed.

I smiled at his pity parade, but also at just Louis, the beautiful boy sitting in MY bedroom. "You're not short, you're perfect Louis hight, and baby, you have the damned sexiest body I have ever laid eyes on. You're beautiful."

He looked down, his cheeks getting rosy, and a smile slipping through.

I had almost forgotten what I was upset about a second ago, and also noted that I never figured out what had led Louis up to being in the situation I found him in yesterday.

"Hey, what happened to you yesterday? Who did that to you, and why are you so frightened?" I inquired after a few minuets of cuddling.

He just shrugged his shoulders.

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