Chapter 1: COLLEGE

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" Lea!! hurry up your running late !" mum yelled from downstairs .

" i'm comin mum! "I replied

Okay,thats was a such a bad lie, im nowhere near ready im still half naked here i cant even find a suitable bra for myself. All of my bras are too big for me now i definitely had lost alot of weight during the holidays, i will have to go shopping very soon.

Today is my first day of college, im turning 18 this year so i without doubt want to look good today! "bang bang" i heard kicks on my door .

"leaaa!!! im wunning late for my plaw sckull huwiee upp" my little baby sister Sam screamed up her voice in a very high peech.

later about 5 minutes of choosing and throwing all of my cloths i finally got the right atire a white tank top with blue skinny jeans and a pairs of high wedge then, BAM my door flew open i rushed down the stairs with two steps at a time "there im done lets go " i said in a frustration tone .

"Good luck honey on your first day of
college hope you enjoy "dad said waiting down the stairs with his arms wide open for me to jump in for a hug .

My Dad or most simplest way to put it Mr.AdersonCharlce the famous buisness man,we never mixed around like father and daughter he's been always my first love,hero,friend and my sensai, he even helps me in the songs that i make. Im a daddy's daughter for sure,what can a girl ask for more when she has a daddy like this right .

"PAPI" i ran quickly down the stairs and jumped in his strong arms " I TAUGHT YOU WERE IN CHINA FOR THE MEETING!?!? HOW COME YOUR HERE?!" i ducked into his chest , I MISSED MY PAPI!

" Surprise Surprise baby girls ". dad said while letting go the hug. "now come on both of you dont wanna run late on your first day" dad pointed at me and my baby sister sam


"Buai buai leahh"she said while waving her hand at me

"byee little pricess,kick some ass at school kay? " she nodded and gave me a warm smile and went into the school with her teacher.

"here we are, are you ready dear ?" mum said while unbuckling her seatbelts

"i was born ready mum bye guys see you at home " i got out of the car .

"nono wait here you go " dad handed me 50 bucks note .

"PAPI THIS IS TOOO MUCH FOR ME you know i dont like to spend much right?" giving a playful smile .

"dear you deserve it ,you always work for it " mum said it then gave me a hug .

"okay okay i gotta go now my dear parents,have a wonderfulday you both love you guy" placing a kiss on both of their cheeks I got down of the car and made my way into the college building.

Man..... collge is like a slut institude, kissing booth each and every corner. EWWWWWW , im kinda feeling awkward of my dressing cause most of them are dressed in super short shorts mini schirt and crop tops wow mannn.... My dressing isn't that bad right?

High School and College has alot of diffrence as i walk through the hall i was earning alot of stares from unknow and know people, could it be cause my dad is the famous buisness man in the world?

I felt like MILLION, BILLION, ZILLION of eyes burning into my back while i search for my 5 best mates we agreed to join the same college and here im finding them like a lost kid in the zoo. Just when i was wishing i would just disapper right now , i finally found them, my best mates -Hazel , Lydia, Erica, Eric and last but least Edwardo.

They were approaching me, i carried my hand and waved at them but when they came near me they just walked passed me . Now i feel like i never existed in this world, i stood there about fifteen minutes trying to recall what just happend .I came back to reality from the beep of my iphone.


OKAY NOW IM SERIOUSLY BLUR, AT FIRST THEY IGNORED ME AND NOW ONE OF THEM TEXT ME, WHAT THE JUICE!? i mean seriously who does this shit "stomach makes noise" ouwww my stomach hurts i gave my little tummy alittle rub and felt no spare tire anymore OH WAIT im such an idiot they dint know i had a total makeover over the holidays how stupid of me to doubt my best mates.IM SUCH A DONK!, i made my way to find them again, there they are at the front of the college. All of them had an worried expression on their face. .

"hey mates how was your holiday? i missed you guys" i asked concernly looking at them.

"Leah anderson?! it that you?" Hazel questioned me while the rest four was looking at me like i was some kind of alien that came down from some kind of space world.

"yesszzzz HAZ its me leaaa" i ansewred with a bored expresion on my face .

"OMGGGG BABE YOU LOOK AMAZING HOW ON EARTH DID YOU BECOME THIS SKINNY?!!" Edward asked with his usual gay assecnt .

"workouts, exercise ,and man"...(.the bell rang ). ** HELLO DEAR STUDENTS WELCOME TO BEVERL HILSS COLLEGE IM YOUR PRICIPAL MS.Francis SPEAKING I HOPE THIS YEAR WOULD BE A BLAST FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU , STUDENTS YOU CAN CHECK ON THE NOTIS BOARD ON WHICH CLASSES YOU'LL BE ATTENDING TODAY AND FROM THERE EACH OF YOU WILL GET SEPERATED AS THE COURSE THAT YOU HAVE APPLIED FOR . AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR STUDIES AS WELL!****** most of the students gathered around the notis board to check which class they'll be attending finally Eric had the chance to squeece in and help us check

"Lea you and hazel gotta head over to the music room in block B , Lydia and edward you guys are in arts that would be in block D and as for me and erica we'll heading be to dance room and that will be in block A " he replied execitingly .

Although all of us took different courses but we always share our talent among each of us.

"sooo see you guys at the lake on break time?" hazel and me said in the same time

All of us nodded and made our own ways to our respective classes. Since it was our first time at college it sure was hard to find block B. I wonder how did the rest of them manage to find their class .

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